May - Be a True Team

May 1, 2018


As I sit down to write this “Be” message for May, I have several powerful and humbling thoughts swirling through my mind. First of all, it dawns on me that I begin each monthly message addressing you as TEAM.” I never take the importance or significance of that word for granted and feel so blessed to be able to address you in this manner. Secondly, as I reflect on our recent growth, it is not lost on me the level of work, focus, patience, flexibility, sacrifice and caring that it takes to truly become a TEAM while growing at this pace. In my opinion it is the “secret sauce” that makes OneDigital so special and one that takes effort from the entire organization.   

A lot of people classify themselves as part of a TEAM, but for me, to be able to use that word with conviction and sincerity, and to truly become a high performing team, it takes trust, respect, compromise, complimentary skills and a shared purpose. At OneDigital, we like to compete and we love to win in the market, but most importantly we want to be part of a team that supports each other in these efforts. Living up to this as an organization and as individuals is hard work. It requires that we stay focused and make tough decisions to protect both our front and back door. We work hard to attract and retain those who fit our culture, bring new skills and ideas to our team and share our passion and goals. It also requires that we recognize when we are not functioning well as a team, how we address these concerns and ensure that everyone is living up to the standards we have set.

My passion for coaching gives me such satisfaction and inspiration. I love competing and I love winning, but my biggest thrill of every season is that moment when we transition from individual efforts to becoming a true TEAM. Whether I’m coaching 10 year olds or my varsity group, there is no better feeling when the pieces finally come together through effort, focus, compromise, trust and respect. It may not always happen, but it is really special when it does. There are so many parallels in business and in sports, and I’m so fortunate to follow my passion in both.

Before I wrap up this month, I have just one more personal perspective to share. I will soon celebrate a milestone birthday. Yes, I’m getting old (although they tell me 50 is the new 30…), but more importantly it has me thinking a lot more about what’s important in my life. I have so much to be proud of and thankful for, and I have been reflecting on this a great deal. I chose this message for my birthday month as I can honestly say that none of my individual accomplishments have been as significant or satisfying as the success and gratification I have experienced being part of this OneDigital team– a True Team.                  

So this month, as you reflect on those around you, I’d ask that you do your part to help us build and maintain this winning culture. Be accepting and work hard to help new team members find their way in our organization. Go the extra mile to show customers and co-workers how important they are to the success of our team. Bring your best self to work every day and expect the same from your team members.  And most importantly, push yourself beyond your comfort zone and be willing to learn, evolve and grow with your team.    

I am immensely proud of OneDigital and our journey together. And most of all, I’m so thankful to be able to call you TEAM!  


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