July - We are ONE

July 1, 2021 Elizabeth Chrane

Good morning team:

This past month has been so energizing to me as more and more activity has begun to return to our offices and I’ve had the opportunity to visit in person with many more of you. Throughout the pandemic, I’ve spent a good bit of time in the office as that’s where I have been most comfortable doing my work even in the most difficult of times. I now realize, however, that over the last year it had become just a place to do my work and not the same cultural and collaborative hub that I had grown to love. If you’ve met me, you know that I’m a pretty social person and I feed off the energy of our team. So, of course, the special interactions and “family” reunions over the past several weeks have brought a smile to my face and have filled my days with energy and enthusiasm.  

One thing I’m realizing though is that while we are all happy to see one another and spend time together, there are mixed emotions for many of you. After more than a year spent working from home, many of you have figured out how to make it work and how to best separate work and home. I’m hearing stories about those who used their previous commute time to exercise or spend more quality time with their families. Others tell me that they actually became more productive by using that time for work but now are struggling to find a better balance in their life. And others, like me, are just thrilled to be getting back to what feels more like a normal schedule but with a little better perspective on the value of flexibility in their lives.

The point I’m trying to make is that while moving past the pandemic is certainly something to celebrate, it also represents more change in our lives, and everyone processes that differently.  It’s another big adjustment and adaptation of our “now normal”. I realize that not everyone has the same feelings that I do about coming back into the office and that’s okay. I encourage us all to approach this time with more empathy and understanding of others. It’s something that I’m confident we will work through together because it’s such an innate part of the culture of the company driven by each of you.  We are ONE.  We are a family that supports one another and has each other’s backs. Change is almost always tough but together we will continue to adapt and evolve as we take the best of our old and our new worlds and look to emerge even stronger.  

I look forward to sharing additional updates with you all about our growth and progress at our Town Hall meeting later this month. As I prepare for this discussion, I’ve been reflecting on just how much our OneDigital team can accomplish when we come together as “ONE”. It’s in our name, but it’s not just lip service, it's who we are! Nothing makes me more proud than how we have supported each other and our clients during the toughest of times and nothing makes me more confident in our future than knowing our OneDigital family is even stronger and closer today.  

We are OneDigital strong and we certainly are ONE!

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