April - Be a Learner

April 2, 2018


Our strongest performers are those who value learning and who are constant students of their craft. New technology, changing legislation and more demanding needs from clients are all reasons why it’s important to BE A LEARNER. The knowledge that made you an expert last year may not be entirely relevant for this year or the years ahead. Continuing to rest on your laurels may result in clients looking for the next great thing somewhere else. As I reflect more on this, I realize that to be the best in the industry, we need to foster a culture of continuous learning. It’s not just about having the shiny new tools at hand, it’s about knowing the ins and outs of how and why a client can benefit from them.  

Being a LEARNER is not restricted by age, tenure or position. Every person at every stage of life needs to reflect on how they can improve. Throughout my career I have tried to push myself to hone my business and leadership skills through peer review groups, industry forums, executive coaching and attending countless seminars and conferences. I have found that I can learn so much from reading, listening and learning from the experience of others. I believe my investment in personal growth and keeping an open mind to new ways of doing things has made me a better leader over the years. This is an ongoing process and I know my days of learning are long from over.

Over my career, I have also witnessed that those individuals that are most successful seem to possess an intellectual curiosity and consistently seek to develop their skills. They challenge themselves to learn from new tools, new ways to approach their role and set their egos aside in an effort to learn from both their successes and temporary failures. This humility and vulnerability leads to continuous learning as well as extraordinary relationships – both personal and professional. This notion is very similar to my message at the June Town Hall of sharing your why. Letting down your guard and being open to new possibilities and opportunities are what make us go from good to great!

At OneDigital, we believe strongly in investing and developing all our team members but it doesn’t happen without individual commitment and an investment in personal growth. Much of the work is up to you, so I charge you to reflect this month on how you can BE A LEARNER and make the most of your opportunities at OneDigital, within the industry and across our communities.

Happy Learning!



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