January - WE are ALL IN

January 4, 2022 Elizabeth Chrane

OneDigital Team,

Happy New Year to you all! As I wrap up a wonderful week with my family and send my boys back to their busy lives, my thoughts are very much focused on my OneDigital family. And truthfully, as much as I did find time to relax, laugh, and spend quality time with my loved ones, my thoughts never strayed that far from this team.

It’s not lost on me that covid challenges continue to surround us and it would be easy to let our discouragement from this pandemic get the best of us. I have to confess, even my usual positive outlook has been tested over the past few weeks as my desire to see so many of you and kick off this year with a huge bang has had to take a backseat to caution, patience, and care. With all of that on my mind and in my heart, my message for this new year is one of optimism, confidence, and conviction!         

Our theme for 2022 is ALL IN and to say I am ALL IN for this team is an understatement. The past 20 years have been a labor of love as I’ve watched this family grow and mature in ways I could have never imagined. The talent, teamwork, and sense of purpose that I see displayed daily across our 3000 team members has far exceeded even my most ambitious dreams. Over the past few years, our team has met every obstacle with incredible strength and fortitude as these challenges have served to further galvanize our special culture and have brought out the very best in OneDigital and the work we do for those we serve. In monthly messages, I’ve shared my thoughts about this resilience, as well as the need for balance and engagement as we continue to come together and Rise as a team. I’ve also shared messages of pride, confidence, and gratitude, for all we have accomplished and most importantly, for the very bright future that I know lies ahead.

As we set out to do our best work and live our best lives in 2022, I can think of no better rallying cry for OneDigital than ALL IN! Being ALL IN may mean something a bit different for each of us. For me, I think about our growing team across the country and my desire to do all that I can to provide leadership, support, and encouragement for each of you to do your best work and feel connected and at home. It’s also not lost on me, with our rapid growth, that over a third of our team members have joined OneDigital since the start of the pandemic and have not yet experienced our full OneDigital vibe up close and personal. I cannot wait to meet so many of you in the coming year as we look to live our best lives (safely) and find ways to celebrate our success together.

I also think about our 90,000 clients and the millions of employees that we have the opportunity to touch through our advice, consultation, and care. In my 30 years in the workforce, I’ve never experienced a time such as this, when the relationship between employers and their employees has been as crucial as it is today. The evolution and expansion of our business across verticals have put us in a unique position to impact so many lives. I am ALL IN with this mission and sense of purpose in mind, and humbled by the opportunity that we collectively share to serve so many. 

Team, as we kickoff 2022, I encourage each of you to explore and embrace what makes you ALL IN, both in your personal and professional lives. I’m ALL IN for all of you and I’m confident this drive and commitment will overcome Covid, our competitors, and any challenge put in front of us. We have a tremendous opportunity ahead, so please join me in our efforts to do our best work and live our best lives. 

Happy New Year team!


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