August - WE have Great Expectations

August 2, 2021 Elizabeth Chrane

Good Morning Team,

This past week was so energizing and uplifting for me!  It was great to see so many people coming together in Atlanta and to hear all of your feedback coming out of Town Hall. The Retention and Growth Summit was a HUGE success and I’m so proud of all the hard work and effort that so many of you put forth to make it happen.  And, I loved being able to listen to and share with you the wisdom of my good friend, John O’Leary.

There are so many things he said that struck a chord with me, but the one that I’d like to address this month is the Power of Expectations.  I was amazed by the story of his son, Patrick, wearing his glove to all those games and bringing home a baseball each and every time. In all my years of attending games with my two sons, never once did we leave with a ball. What are the chances? But, if you truly follow what John was trying to tell us, it was not luck at all that followed Patrick.  It’s all about his Great Expectations and coming prepared to see those expectations through.

As we grow in the expertise of our teams and the creative solutions that we bring to our clients, we should approach every opportunity with our metaphorical glove. I’m so incredibly excited about how all of our chapters and collective experiences have led us to this moment and the amazing team that we proudly now call our OneDigital family. My excitement is coupled with Great Expectations for this organization as well as for each of us individually.  It’s this power of ONE that makes OneDigital so special.  We have a strong vision for the future, we have Great Expectations and, together, we strive for greatness.

As I said at our Town Hall, “greatness” or success does not necessarily always equate to more revenue.  That’s important to the continued success of our business. But, what is even more important is that our Great Expectations results in an engaged, healthy and fulfilled workforce. And, because of that, you are equipped to deliver best in class solutions and consulting to our clients.

So, today, I ask that you consider your expectations and think big. Think GREAT! We have what it takes and it’s showing every day in the success of this company.  Thank you all, as always, for everything you do to make this journey possible.

Just like Patrick, let’s grab our gloves and get to it! Greatness awaits!!

Cheers –


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