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May 2, 2022 Elizabeth Chrane

Hello Team,
There is nothing more energizing for me than getting back out on the road and meeting with our OneDigital team. Since my last WE message, I had a whirlwind travel schedule visiting with newly acquired offices and teams as well as long-time friends from across the business.  As we continue to bring our people back together and collaborate in our offices and in various national forums, I am reminded of all the things that make OneDigital special: our competitive spirit, our desire to evolve and grow and the purposeful way that we approach our business. This culture of caring, collaboration and commitment is rare in our industry, and in business. WE are unique, in so many positive ways and our dedication to our clients and each other is at the top of that list. 
Building on the success of Summit22, I had the pleasure last week to participate in a 3-day meeting with OneDigital sales leaders. As I met with leaders from across the country, I was reminded firsthand of our sense of commitment and our focus on delivering something unique and differentiated in the market. Over these few days I participated in inspiring and encouraging discussions as we fine-tuned our messaging with a focus on our integrated and unique approach to serving our clients. I’m confident that our evolving message and approach will help us continue to thrive in this very competitive environment.   
I know I have shared this sentiment in the past, but it warrants repeating. The difficult work we have undertaken over the past few years to bring together Benefits, Retirement & Wealth, HR, Property & Casualty (P&C) and now a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is helping us win and is making a difference to those we serve. We are in the “people” business and the challenges facing employers and their workforce are more complex than ever. The passion I see daily to solve these complex problems is what gives me so much pride and confidence in our future.
And while I’m so proud of our desire to continue to evolve and push ourselves and our business to new heights, this sense of responsibility and drive to serve others can sometimes also lead to undue pressure. It is not lost on me that this work is hard, and we are moving at a very fast pace. We must continue to remind each other to bring balance to our work and find ways to slow down, just a bit, so that we can celebrate our many accomplishments. It’s also important that we cut ourselves some slack when things don’t go as planned. We are not perfect, but we are doing great work and it is making a difference for so many.
Team, please take some time this month (starting today) to take a step back and recognize the unique work that we are doing and the positive impact that it is having on those we serve. The journey is so much more enjoyable when we embrace our successes, manage our setbacks and slow down long enough to appreciate our many blessings. We are on an incredible journey from Benefits start up, to an ever-evolving organization that solves difficult problems for so many. WE are Unique, and I’m so proud of that!
Thank you for all you do, and for reminding me to embrace and celebrate the “unique” commitment that unites our OneDigital family!

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