October - WE Come Together

October 1, 2021 Elizabeth Chrane

OneDigital Team,

As I prepare this “We” message for October, I’ve been reflecting on all the inspiring work and collaboration I’m seeing across the organization. I’ve been so energized by the thoughtful and engaging discussions that we’ve been having amongst our leadership team as we begin to plan for 2022. We’ve been purposely planning for our future and the important investments to ensure the success of our team. What I love about this organization is that we always find a way to “Come Together” and have each other’s backs regardless of the circumstances. And today, what excites me the most, is that we are coming together and thinking strategically about our future even when the company is experiencing steady growth. There is no better time to invest and prepare for the future than when we are experiencing success and momentum, and that’s exactly what we plan to do. 

I’ve referenced previously that OneDigital has had the good fortune of continuing to “do well” by “doing good” for our clients and our people. We remain focused on solving problems for our clients and that approach has led our talented teams to Come Together to bring new ideas, capabilities, and innovative solutions to OneDigital. Our M&A efforts have aided this growth by focusing on strategic opportunities and never losing perspective on the importance of culture and talent. This formula has created such a positive trajectory for OneDigital, and we are beginning to hit our stride on so many levels. Our expansion into new verticals, our ability to attract top talent, and our momentum on convergence are all coming together and have positioned us for success. We are winning in the market as your hard work to both attract and retain clients is leading to expanded organic growth. Lastly, we have an extremely strong and well-aligned investor group, along with strong support and buy-in across our leadership team, offices, and new verticals. All of this “Coming Together” drives an incredibly compelling story for our clients, prospects, and potential new team members.

Coming together as a team is what makes our culture so strong and is at the core of our OneDigital family. It’s because of each of you, your commitment to each other, and your willingness to come together that we continue to build this special company. It’s what makes us different and what gets me out of bed each morning (for the last 21 years) with such pride and optimism. Thank you for that gift and thank you for continuing to Come Together!   

Wishing you all a great week and a wonderful October!


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