May - WE Celebrate our Mother's

May 3, 2021 Elizabeth Chrane

Good morning Team:

There are a bunch of reasons why I get excited when May rolls around each year – warm weather, lake season approaching, my birthday month… and, most notably, the opportunity to recognize all the amazing Mothers in our lives. Mother’s Day is May 9th and many of you have heard me talk about what an amazing role model and influence my mother, Susan Bruckman, has always been for me. While I lost her much, much too young, there is little doubt that who I am today, and everything I aspire to be, is a reflection of my relationship and experiences with my mom during my first 25 years on this earth.  I often marveled at the kindness, compassion and grace with which she approached every situation while managing our family, pursuing her career and leading several organizations in our community. No matter how much pressure she was under and what was going on around her, she had a way of making everyone she spoke to feel like the most important person at that moment. And, when it came to fighting for what she believed in, look out, nothing was going to stand in her way. She was always optimistic, personal, invested, trustworthy and yes, even relentless! Sound familiar…? Over the last year I have witnessed our OneDigital team embrace all of these values as we continue to serve, rise, show compassion and embrace all the important things in our lives. I wish my mom could have witnessed all that we have built together, she would be so proud of OneDigital!

One of the many things I love about our company is that we treat each other like a family. We celebrate personal and professional wins together, and we hold each other up when challenges arise. I don’t know of too many other workplaces where all of the employees show such support and pride in our collective wellbeing.

OneDigital is 67% women and many of you are mothers. Throughout this pandemic, I’ve watched all of our working parents be incredibly resilient and adaptable - masters of prioritization, communication, negotiation and multi-tasking. Our remarkable working moms make our teams more diverse and offer unique perspectives that help drive our innovation and collaboration. It’s one of the many great lessons for us to reflect upon as we strive to continue to embrace diversity in all aspects of OneDigital.

So, this month, please join me as WE CELEBRATE the mothers around us and their significant contributions. I’ll be thinking about all of our incredible OneDigital moms who make us who we are today, and of course, the one mom whose memory continues to inspire me to be better and do better.

Happy May and Happy earlier Mother’s Day team!


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