February - We Lead

February 1, 2021 Elizabeth Chrane

Good morning Team –

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about leadership… not just my own, but of the many leadership opportunities ahead and within OneDigital. This applies to all of us internally, externally with our clients and at a macro level as we look to drive this industry forward. This company has almost always exceeded performance goals and grown at unprecedented levels in both times of opportunity and times of challenge. In fact, our leadership team frequently refers to challenges not as issues or problems, but as opportunities.  And, it is that attitude and culture that naturally drives us to be leaders.

WE LEAD. It’s a part of who we are, even when we don’t realize it.  Last year was a tough year for everyone. While we all experienced sadness and anxiousness, it’s the strength, optimism and leadership that this team displayed that makes me so confident about our future. Confident in our ability to LEAD, together! OneDigital has always been a “people first” company. We strive to serve, to take care of one another and have each other’s backs. This is a huge part of our culture and shows up in our general health, happiness and wellbeing. Our approach to leadership - servant leadership - extends to our clients and to others in the industry. It is this desire to lead and serve that is woven into our culture and will continue to guide us and drive our success in the future.

Recent events and discussions show me that this is happening across the company.  Our January Summit with the theme RISE demonstrated that we lead the way when it comes to our advisory capabilities, communications and service offerings to clients. As we look to further “differentiate” our approach and position in the market we strive to LEAD our clients and hope to inspire them think more aggressively about challenging the status quo.

There are so many other ways we can and will lead. Recent meetings with our DE&I Steering Council reminds me that this journey to build a very diverse, equitable and inclusive culture is so worthy and important, and we can and will LEAD change. Further, across the organization, our teams are thinking about the future of the business and finding ways to invest and build infrastructure to support that growth. We are embracing the best of our old world before the pandemic and new ways to work successfully.  I couldn’t be more proud of how all of you support this leadership vision.

Last week, I watched our new president speak at his inauguration and something he said struck me: “We will lead not merely by the example of our power but by the power of our example.” I see that reflected every day in our offices, on our zoom calls, in feedback from our customers and within the industry. We lead by example, by serving each other and by respecting others. Today, as we lean into a new month and a bright future, I encourage each of you to find confidence in yourself and your teammates and embrace our ability and our opportunity to LEAD.

Together, WE LEAD!


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