April - WE Stand with Ukraine

May 2, 2022 Elizabeth Chrane

Hello Team,

Last month, I was thrilled to be able to share a very special Town Hall with all of you. I have to admit, I was a bit overwhelmed when I first stood on stage, looking out at 1000+ of you in the room and 2000 watching virtually and suddenly realized the significance to finally be back together with so many of you. I could not have predicted how special and emotional that reunion was going to truly be. And since that day, so many of you have shared your bold personal stories and I’ve been very touched by the passion and commitment that unites us even with our different backgrounds and experiences.  One highlight for me that week was The Bold Talk delivered by my partner of 22 years, Mike Sullivan, as he shared his thoughts about our culture and our people and what he called “our tribe”.  I wish we could have had all 3000 of us together, but for those of you that have not had an opportunity to see this, I wanted to share this link - Bold Talk: Mike Sullivan. What has become so clear is that we have a team that is individually and collectively ALL IN and that is a big part of what makes OneDigital so special. I am humbled to be part of this journey with all of you. 

While I’m so grateful and excited for all we have become and what we have built together, I am also struggling to wrap my mind around the pain and experiences currently being suffered by another tribe – the Ukrainian people. I’ve watched night after night over the past month as innocent families are fleeing their homes to get to safety while their loved ones stand to fight for their country. It’s heartbreaking and frightening to see so much senseless violence in the world.  

I can’t help but think about my grandparents, who fled Eastern Europe over 80 years ago due to the terror and persecution caused by one dictator. The words and pleas from my grandmother still ring in my mind today - “Never forget!” And yet, here we are in 2022, as millions of innocent Ukrainians are forced from their homes and many separated from their families as they stay behind to fight for the country that they love. I’m inspired by the leadership of President Zelenskyy and the courage of the Ukrainian people fighting to protect their land, their families and their freedom. My heart also goes out to all the innocent people of Russia who unwillingly find themselves suffering loss and are also victims of these irrational and senseless actions. I feel such a strong sense of solidarity for all these good people, and I know many of you do as well.

We are a values-based organization with a “people first” culture and as such, I know WE STAND WITH UKRAINE. Many of you are looking for ways to support these efforts and we want to help amplify the impact of your support. We have set up our KUDOS program for you to be able to donate your points to the Ukraine. And, as many of you know, OneDigital has a matching gifts program called G.I.V.E., designed to support those charities that are important to our employees. We want to remind everyone of the opportunity to double your contributions. So, for every dollar you give up to $500, we will match this gift. Please visit here, for more information. If you are searching for reputable organizations to support Ukraine, here are a few examples of charitable organizations that we have vetted and are supporting:

”Doing Good” is an important part of our values and our brand promise. We have stood strong and united to support one another, our clients and our communities throughout recent hard times. Now, this crisis presents another opportunity to stand together and support those in the world that most need of our help. As we celebrate all that is good within our growing tribe, lets always remember to embrace our values as We stand with Ukraine! 

Thank you,

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