March - WE Come Together

Hello team!

What better way to start a month than thinking about how We Come Together as a team! Today at our Town Hall, I’ll be reflecting on the past two years of separation as well as my excitement about having 1000+ of you in the room with me as we Come Together for SUMMIT22! While working on my comments, I realized that even though we have been physically separated for such a long time, our connection as a OneDigital family continues to strengthen in so many ways. We talk a lot about how our culture and each of YOU are the special sauce that makes OneDigital successful. This is all centered around our commitment and sense of purpose to one another, to our families and to our clients. You’ve done an amazing job at staying connected.

Increasingly, more of us are coming together back in our offices and we are enjoying a sense of normalcy while still applying some fresh thinking to meeting in this fluid environment. We are enjoying the added flexibility in how and where we work, and we’ve adjusted to come together in new and innovative ways. Many companies are struggling with this and I’m so proud of how you all are managing and leading the way. I also know how opportunities like Summit, as well as collaborating face-to-face in our offices across the company, makes us stronger and drive important connections and engagement for all of us. I can barely contain my excitement about finally coming together with so many of you today. 

From a business standpoint, our strategic vision around convergence is centered on our ability to come together across verticals as we look to solve problems for our clients.  Our expansions beyond traditional Employee Benefits consulting have led our growth in recent years and has been positively embraced in the market. I’m hearing and seeing examples everyday of how you all are coming together to bring support, fresh thinking and tremendous value to our clients. 

And, perhaps most important, this organization and this team has always come together in times of need. Just like any strong family, our OneDigital family seems to be at its best when our team, our friends and our community needs us the most. We have each other’s back and I have seen that time and time again throughout our history and in-particular during the pandemic. As I reflect on our past two years, it’s hard to express my pride and gratitude for how we have come together and stayed connected through all the ups and downs.

Finally, while I do feel so close with my OneDigital family, it’s also not lost on me how many of team members have not yet experienced the full vibe, collaborative culture and personal connections from events like Summit which have been such a rich part our history. It is going to be a week full of personal growth, new friendships and I’m sure plenty of emotion. I am thrilled beyond words to finally come back together with so many of you and I know it’s going to be an event we will always remember. And, for those attending our Town Hall virtually today, my thoughts are with you as well, and I hope to see you all soon.

We’ve come a long way OneDigital and I am 100% ALL IN for all of you!


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