April - WE are Disruptors

April 1, 2021 Elizabeth Chrane

Good morning Team:

We are DISRUPTORS!  Sometimes that description has a negative connotation but not in the case of OneDigital. It’s a big part of our success and what makes us so special – innovation, fresh thinking, and forward progress. From our inception 20+ years ago, we have prided ourselves on taking the path “less traveled” and challenging to status quo in an industry that can and should strive to deliver more. There is something about this time of year that always reminds me of our roots as I’m finally able to look toward the future and separate myself from year-end and the hectic start of the year. It’s so energizing to witness the progress and the potential in the work being done all around me. I see it with the types of firms that we choose to bring into our OneDigital family and with the thought leadership that is developing across our organization: new ideas, initiatives, and opportunities to disrupt!

To be disruptive, we need to help our clients think differently about how they (and WE) approach today and tomorrow. Our purpose at OneDigital is to positively impact the lives of millions of individuals we serve each and every day. This mission has served us well over the years as we are at our best when we are putting our customers, partners, and our people first. This commitment is seen and felt by how we “show up” every day and never has that been more evident than our response over the past year. But to truly disrupt, we need to challenge the status quo and look to do more. That why we’ve focused on Differentiation as a core theme and priority as we begin our next chapter together. 

I recently had the great pleasure of seeing this mindset in action when attending a small gathering of OneDigital thought leaders for an Innovation Retreat. The opportunity to finally collaborate face-to-face was powerful in so many ways. Zoom has been a lifesaver, but wow, what a difference to be together and truly collaborate, debate, and challenge our thinking on opportunities for the future. It was invigorating to discuss the disruptive strategies that were presented and I can’t wait for our teams to begin to roll out some of these ideas throughout the company.

This is just the start of our work together as I know our collaborative mindset will reach new heights in the months and years ahead. Many companies are touting strategies to begin to “return to normal” but I’m convinced that the future for OneDigital will be so much more exciting than anything close to normal.  That is what makes us stand apart from others… our “normal” will always be different. We are here to impact the lives of our customers, and in order to do that, we must do more than evolve and innovate – we must DISRUPT.

Please jump on board, buckle your seatbelts, and join me on our path to disrupt!


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