Adam's WE Messages

Monthly messages from OneDigital's CEO, Adam Bruckman.

  • October - WE Come Together

    October - WE Come Together

    As I prepare this “We” message for October, I’ve been reflecting on all the inspiring work and collaboration I’m seeing across the organization. I’ve been so energized by the thoughtful and engaging

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  • September - WE are Innovators

    September - WE are Innovators

    This year seems to be flying by and it’s hard to believe we are wrapping up summer and beginning to prepare for the home stretch of 2021. Like many of you, this time of year marks many transitions in

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  • August - WE have Great Expectations

    August - WE have Great Expectations

    This past week was so energizing and uplifting for me! It was great to see so many people coming together in Atlanta and to hear all of your feedback coming out of Town Hall.

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  • July - We are ONE

    July - We are ONE

    This past month has been so energizing to me as more and more activity has begun to return to our offices and I’ve had the opportunity to visit in person with many more of you.

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  • June - We Can "Do Well" by "Doing Good"

    June - We Can "Do Well" by "Doing Good"

    It’s already June and this year seems to be flying by. I hope that all of you and your families are healthy and beginning to enjoy the relaxed restrictions as we move on from the darker days

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  • May - WE Celebrate our Mother's

    May - WE Celebrate our Mother's

    There are a bunch of reasons why I get excited when May rolls around each year – warm weather, lake season approaching, my birthday month…

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  • April - WE are Disruptors

    April - WE are Disruptors

    We are DISRUPTORS! Sometimes that description has a negative connotation but not in the case of OneDigital.

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  • March - WE are OneDigital Strong

    March - WE are OneDigital Strong

    March 2021, how is that possible? Has it really been a full year since I last gathered in person with this amazing team?

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  • February - We Lead

    February - We Lead

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about leadership… not just my own, but of the many leadership opportunities ahead and within OneDigital.

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  • January - We Rise

    January - We Rise

    I hope you are all as enthusiastic as I am to welcome this new year with optimism, confidence, and excitement.

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  • December - Be Thankful

    December - Be Thankful

    Surprise! I’m acting as a guest contributor today as Adam has asked me to share my thoughts on a BE message to close out this noteworthy year.

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  • November - Be Connected

    November - Be Connected

    November is one of my favorites months as it kicks off the holiday season and reminds us of the many blessing in our life.

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  • October - (Don't) Be Afraid to Fail

    October - (Don't) Be Afraid to Fail

    One of our local leaders recently sent a message to her team about a job interview fail early in her career which she parlayed into an important life lesson.

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  • September - Be Confident

    September - Be Confident

    How can it be September already? While it is a year unlike any other in our lifetime, it is familiar in some ways

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  • August - Be a Good Human

    August - Be a Good Human

    Good morning Team, I’m still on an emotional high nearly 2 weeks after our Virtual Summit 20. I missed being with you all, but nonetheless I came away from our first virtual conference energized and

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  • July - Be Inspired

    July - Be Inspired

    Team, It seem like just yesterday we were kicking off the year with our January Town Hall. I shared my excitement as we began to celebrate many milestones – our 20th year in business, a new decade an

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  • June - Be Caring

    June - Be Caring

    Team, As I shared in my video on Friday, there is a lot going on in my head and my heart as we enter June. It’s a new month, the beginning of summer and, hopefully, a new chapter for all of us as we b

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  • May - Be Hopeful

    May - Be Hopeful

    Over the past 6 weeks I have shared my thoughts about OneDigital and how grateful I am for this organization and for all of you. Like all companies in uncertain times, we have some obstacles to addres

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  • April - Just Be

    April - Just Be

    As I prepare this month’s BE message, I’ve been reflecting on how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to share these thoughts and personal perspectives with you through this forum over the years

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  • March - Be Present

    March - Be Present

    As I prepare to share some thoughts with you this month, I must admit this has been a difficult message for me to write. Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt a full range of emotions.

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