Adam's BE Messages

Monthly messages from OneDigital's CEO, Adam Bruckman.

  • Be a Team

    Be a Team

    You may have noticed over the years, I begin every one of these messages addressing you with four simple letters – TEAM. For many, this word may just seem like a normal way to begin an email to addres

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  • September - Be Optimistic

    September - Be Optimistic

    I’ve just spent the week in San Diego with 40 of our senior leaders from OneDigital offices around the country and the energy has been incredible. As I shared with all of them, it’s hard to believe th

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  • August - Be Bold

    August - Be Bold

    This past week was so gratifying and humbling for me at the same time. We had over 750 people attending our summer Growth and Retention conference in Atlanta and the energy and enthusiasm I felt from

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  • July - Be a Leader

    July - Be a Leader

    It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through 2019. It feels like just yesterday when I wished you all a happy new year and introduced our goals and opportunities that lie ahead. We have already

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  • June - Be Open (to new beginnings)

    June - Be Open (to new beginnings)

    “When one door closes, another door opens, but we so often look regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

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  • May - Be Better

    May - Be Better

    As we have discussed over the last year, the competitiveness in our industry seems to be at an all-time high. We find ourselves fighting to keep business and working hard to position our people to win

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  • April - Be Inclusive

    April - Be Inclusive

    We do have a diverse assembly of people working at OneDigital and I am very proud of that. Having strong diversity in our organization is just the beginning however, as that doesn’t ensure that everyo

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  • March - Be a Fighter

    March - Be a Fighter

    So, how do we fight harder? Many of you have shared great stories about big wins and “client saves” by simply not sitting back and allowing a client to make a relationship change without giving us a

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  • February - Be Optimistic

    February - Be Optimistic

    What a start to 2019! As I shared in my Town Hall comments, I entered January with such great optimism and pride in our past growth and accomplishments. I’m equally eager to tackle the opportunities a

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  • January - Be Obsessed

    January - Be Obsessed

    Today we are beginning a new year… an opportunity to see the world with a fresh perspectives. It’s also an opportunity to set our sights on new goals for the year ahead.

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  • December - Be Grateful

    Team, I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing time with family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday. This has long been my favorite holiday because it always gives me the opportunity to step bac

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  • November - Be Quiet

    November - Be Quiet

    Hello Team - Each month, I take time to reflect on our business, our culture and the progress we are making together, as well as the opportunities we have to improve as an organization.

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  • October - Be Kind

    October - Be Kind

    Hello Team - Every month for the past few years, I’ve shared some thoughts with you about my personal values and those I want for us to embody at OneDigital. While I try to keep politics and religion

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  • September - Be Encouraging

    September - Be Encouraging

    Hello Team - This past weekend, our corporate office hosted the 10th Annual Digital Dash 5K for about 700 people. It’s always a fun event for everyone who participates as a runner or volunteer...

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  • August - Be Inspired

    August - Be Inspired

    Hello Team – I’m still riding on an amazing high from our conference in July and was truly inspired by everyone, from our wonderful speakers to each attendee. Kicking off the week with our Town Hall..

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  • July - Be Authentic

    July - Be Authentic

    If you work out of the corporate office in Atlanta, you’ll frequently see guests in for site visits to meet our team and tour our office. There seems to be a regular parade of people passing through

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  • June - Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

    June - Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

    I know the subject of this “Be” message may seem a bit unusual at first, but please allow me to provide some background on this paradox that has been nagging me for the past few months. First of all,

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  • May - Be a True Team

    May - Be a True Team

    As I sit down to write this “Be” message for May, I have several powerful and humbling thoughts swirling through my mind. First of all, it dawns on me that I begin each monthly message addressing you

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  • April - Be a Learner

    April - Be a Learner

    Our strongest performers are those who value learning and who are constant students of their craft. New technology, changing legislation and more demanding needs from clients are all reasons why it’s

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  • March - Be 100% Committed

    March - Be 100% Committed

    “Whatever you do, throw yourself into it. Throw your head, heart, and hands into it." Pepsi CEO, Indra Nooyi

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