January - We Rise

January 4, 2021 Elizabeth Chrane

Hello OneDigital team and Happy New Year!

I hope you are all as enthusiastic as I am to welcome in this new year with optimism, confidence, and excitement. It’s been almost six years that I’ve been sharing my “BE” messages and it has been a joy to offer these perspectives and, through your responses, to learn more about so many of you and your personal stories. Today, we begin a new chapter and put 2020 behind us. So, I thought it was appropriate to start a new tradition and kick off 2021 with a more inclusive monthly message by evolving “BE” to “WE”.

To that end (or beginning), I’d like to share our theme for this hopeful new year:  RISE!  The stresses and challenges of 2020 have been well documented, and time and time again, I have watched us “rise” above and beyond and turn these obstacles into opportunities. I know all of us were touched or impacted in one way or another last year. Personally, I felt so blessed to have a job that I love and the support, love and health of my family. However, watching the struggles around the world, in our country, our community, with our clients and, even closer to home within our OneDigital family, it quickly became clear that we had an opportunity to try to help others in need. It was with so much pride that I saw this feeling in each of you as well as we embraced this opportunity to serve.

Last year, you demonstrated a level of excellence that was unmatched in the industry. You also supported one another and had each other’s backs in ways that touched us all. Thanks to you, we start the new year with incredible momentum: a new investor, talented new teams that have joined OneDigital across the country and our recent expansion into growing new verticals. It’s a great time for OneDigital and for all of us that have come together for this journey. As we prepare for 2021 and a new and exciting chapter for OneDigital, I have little doubt that this team will once again RISE and push our business and our culture to new levels.

We have positioned ourselves for a very bright future. Now is the time for us to embrace this potential as we look to RISE and take OneDigital to new heights. I look forward to sharing more with you about our progress and our prospects for the future at our upcoming town hall. Until then, happy new year to you all and here’s to a great 2021! 

Together “WE” Rise!!


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