October - (Don't) Be Afraid to Fail

October 1, 2020 Elizabeth Chrane

Hello Team:

One of our local leaders recently sent a message to her team about a job interview fail early in her career which she parlayed into an important life lesson. Her lesson was do not be afraid of failure and that ultimately it is a very important part of the journey on the way to success. Thank you to April Husted for sharing this optimistic and powerful message. I am so proud of how our OD family continues to support, inspire and have each other’s back.

April’s message of optimism inspired me to think more deeply about how important short term failure is to our ultimate and long term success. This is something that is so deeply engrained in OneDigital’s history and it’s important reminder that we need to take that extra step, be bold, and not let the fear of failure hold us back.  You’ve probably heard Wayne Gretzky’s quote, “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Even though there are so many things in our life right now that feel overwhelming, I remain ready and anxious to get out there every day to tackle those challenges and take advantage of all the opportunities in front of me. I encourage the same from you. Don’t BE afraid to fail.  With every failure, we learn a little more about how to succeed and if we don’t even try… well, that result is guaranteed.

Over the past 20 years, OneDigital has often faced great odds and missteps before we found our way. We never gave up, we kept pushing, adjusted our plan, trusted our instincts and learned from our mistakes. I’m so proud and humbled that today, OneDigital is considered one of the great success stories in our industry.

As we head into the 4th quarter this message is so important for us all. In her message, April profoundly pointed out that this message was intended for “all of you working on saving a client you feel has already decided to leave.  It is for those of you working to win a prospect against all odds and leaving nothing on the field to regret.  It is for those of you fighting to correct or win a claim decision that will make a real difference in the life of a member.  We have nothing to lose by seeing it through.  In fact, it throws many of the odds in our favor.  I recently read that when you feel like giving up in exercise reps, you really have only done 40% of what you are capable of doing.  So the desire to give up is more a sign you are approaching the half-way mark.”

As we officially kick off Q4 today, you may feel overwhelmed, but you should know that all of OneDigital has got your back. Put all those fears out of your mind and embrace the challenge and that uneasy feeling. That feeling in your stomach is a good sign. It’s a sign that we are pushing through our nerves and pushes ourselves toward success… YOU’VE GOT THIS! I believe in you, your manager believes in you and your team is depending on you 

And, most importantly, you are not alone. Only one more quarter left in this crazy, stressful and challenging year. Bring it on, we are OneDigital Strong and WE’VE GOT THIS!!


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