November - Be Connected

November 2, 2020 Elizabeth Chrane

Hello team!

November is one of my favorites months as it kicks off the holiday season and reminds us of the many blessing in our life. I believe gratitude is one of the most important and beautiful emotions we can display and these feelings have never been stronger for me than throughout 2020. As we approach Thanksgiving, I look forward to sharing more about my personal gratitude to all of you and for our thriving business. However, as we kickoff this month, I’d like to share a bit of a different message about one special quality of our OneDigital family – “Connection.”

This month, I’m encouraging you to “Be Connected”.  It’s a mindset that has always given OneDigital a winning edge and there is no better time to focus on this than now. Being connected to our OneDigital family during these busy times and collaborating together provides us so many advantages: 1) Our teams are able to share knowledge freely, learn and grow from one another, 2) we help each other eliminate bottlenecks, complete jobs and meet deadlines 3) we share and combine resources and make sure no team member becomes too isolated or overwhelmed and 4) we quickly identify challenges facing our business and find ways to innovate around and through them.  Now, during one of the most stressful years of our professional lifetimes, we are challenged to find ways to support each other and come together to pull through the demands of Q4.

I recently reviewed our latest Glint survey to get a sense of how our OneDigital team members are doing across the country. I’m so proud of our work during 2020 and how we continue to lift one another up and have each other’s backs. However, I have begun to see through your responses that eight months of remote work and the cumulative stress of 2020 takes an enormous toll. My primary concern is that many of us may begin to feel isolated in our remote environment and lose some of that strong connection that has made OneDigital such a unique force in our industry. You all have done an amazing job through zoom meetings, happy hours and creative ways to stay connected but I can’t help but reflect on the loss of our highly collaborative office environments that we’ve missed much of this year. While staying safe and healthy still needs to be our top priority, I do look forward to the time that we can begin to safely return to our offices and put 2020 behind us. We share something really special when we come together and it can’t be entirely captured through Zoom or Teams. The camaraderie that happens through our events, in our hallways and conference rooms, through impromptu meetings and face-to-face interactions, all have been responsible for building the amazing relationships and connections that we enjoy at OneDigital. Being connected not only has business benefits but it also is such an important part of our caring and family-oriented culture. It’s a huge part of our success and I’m hopeful that the day will come soon when we can all begin to come back together.

So while we work as a nation and as a company to plan for our future together (emotionally and physically), I hope you will continue to find creative ways to stay connected. I’ve seen great examples of this recently across the company as some teams have gotten together in small groups (with proper precautions) to collaborate on our business and share stories, smiles and laughter. It’s so important to stay connected - it’s who we are at OneDigital!

I’m so grateful to all of you for the fantastic work that you do each day, for the courageousness with which you face each challenge and especially for the way that you have continued to collaborate and make this company the success that it is today. I look forward to sharing more thoughts as we approach the holidays and reflect on all of our blessings as we have come together with strength and fortitude to rise above the challenges of this difficult year.  Until then, please BE Connected and stay engaged with your OneDigital family.  Cheers and I hope to see you soon!


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