September - Be Confident

October 1, 2020 Elizabeth Chrane


How can it be September already? While it is a year unlike any other in our lifetime, it is familiar in some ways. Days, weeks and months come and go, and like all years at Digital we find ourselves in our busy season this time of year and ready to go the extra mile as we direct our efforts and focus into supporting our clients and each other. The difference this year is that 2020 has called on us to bring this focus and intensity each and every day as we fight for our clients and for our families (and OneDigital family) to make it through this challenging and unprecedented time.

And now, as we prepare for the home stretch of this extraordinary year, we not only have the normal Q4 work and challenges, but also the added pressure and reality of our daily lives and responsibilities. For many, that includes childcare issues, virtual schooling and/or the stress of family members returning to campuses, offices or other activities. And, it would be short sighted not to recognize the added emotional stress that surrounds us with a country dealing with social and political unrest.

 So, with regards to my own personal emotions, I’m trying to understand my sincere confidence, comfort level and extreme optimism for the days ahead. It’s not just “having a positive attitude”, it’s a real feeling of a security and growing confidence that this team, this family, is going to thrive regardless of any and all challenges thrown our way. Looking back on my past BE messages over the course of 2020 – BE Hopeful, Proud, Present, Caring, Inspired, BOLD and of course, BE a Good Human. These were good reminders for us all but the truth is, we embraced these actions together because it’s part of who we are, it’s in our DNA and these values have always guided OneDigital. In this organization’s 20 year history we have embraced change, navigated every challenge and have a unique ability to thrive in the most trying of times.

Team, this is why, as we approach our busiest time of year and during the most extraordinary of years, I woke up this morning with such confidence, comfort and excitement for the days ahead.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the days will be easy, and doesn’t make all the stress go away, but it does provide a level of calmness and security that this team we will not only survive, but thrive to close out 2020 on a high note. I’ve already seen amazing strength and innovation in the past few weeks as parents have embraced creative ways to support their children’s new learning environment while continuing to support their clients and team members. The uplifting stories go on and on as I have heard from so many clients, team members and leaders in recent weeks about the continued strength of our work and the extra effort on display by our OneDigital team across the country.

I also have a very unique and special vantage point in my executive leadership role of this incredible organization (which I reference with sincere gratitude and humility). While I generally prefer to focus my time and daily discussions with all of you, my role does afford some unique opportunities to meet and exchange views with some of the most respected investors and business leaders across our industry and many others. In recent weeks I’ve shared our OneDigital story and experiences as we emerge from the toughest days of 2020 with renewed confidence and a view towards the future. These conversations have been both eye opening and energizing as I am reminded of the unique qualities and resiliency of this team and our business. As always, I’m incredible proud and encouraged by our performance. While we remain cautious and still have some uncertainty to navigate, it’s also important to appreciate that our competitors, partners and investors across the country admire how we have fought for our clients, for each other and continue to shine in the face of adversity. It’s these discussions, our 20 year track record and the incredible heart and soul I have seen from this team that gives me such confidence as we embrace September 2020 together.

Many of you likely saw the exciting news on our press release or social media posts last week that OneDigital once again was named as one of the fastest growing companies in the country.  We sometimes take this news for granted as we’ve come to expect it, but this accomplishment certainly should be celebrated. Team, this is the 14th year in a row that OneDigital has received this recognition and it is very noteworthy that we are 1 of only 11 companies in the entire country, across all industries, that can claim that accomplishment. Steady and consistent performance is another thing that gives me such confidence, pride and optimism for our future.  

OneDigital, please join me and BE Confident as we look to embrace September and the bright future ahead. I know we will not only survive this year together, but we will thrive and exit 2020 as a stronger, more prepared and even more confident organization. Words alone cannot express the sincere pride, gratitude and yes, even joy that I feel to be a part of this journey with this team. We enter September with renewed hope, opportunity and confidence and it’s important to keep perspective on the incredible work and progress we have made. We have so much to be proud of and all I can simply and humbly say to you all is – THANK YOU!

“BE Confident” OneDigital!


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