Building a Community of Communicators

November 6, 2017

Making your Next Move your Best Move

Much like a game of chess, thoughtful communication is most effective when it is executed with strategy and tact. It is about every move being intentional, while simultaneously, anticipating your opponent’s next move and being prepared to respond at any given moment. One wrong move and you risk losing your strongest chess pieces, or in our case, your biggest clients and possibly your best colleagues.

Working in a setting as challenging as the healthcare market can present its fair share of complexities, however, effective communication dominates a lane of its own. Chris Schutt, Regional Managing Principal for the Mid-Atlantic, tells us “it can make a world of difference when it comes to personal feelings, assignments, deadlines, workloads and so many other impactful factors. With our region growing as fast as it is, communication is key in our ability to collaborate, grow and succeed as a business. This is exactly why it was chosen as one of our top three goals for 2018.”

With the year nearing its end, everyone has goals for their respective regions. Chris explains that his focus is more on providing a steady stream of communication with a unified voice that is parallel to the OneDigital brand. “Adopting the OneDigital language is especially important for the region as we anticipate our growth over the next year,” says Chris. “Particularly when it comes to face-to-face meetings procuring prospects, the last thing we want to do is confuse potential clients with mixed messages coming out of the different offices across the region.”

It is safe to agree that enhancing communications is a pretty vague goal. So, we asked Chris to share some specific action items to see the task through. “As far as our action items, we want to ensure two major actions take place. The first is strategically segmenting communications (internally and externally) to the interest of our clients and teams. Time and time again, we hear feedback about inboxes being bombarded by the influx of emails received daily—either unrelated to the business or of no interest to the individual. This, in return, allows for important emails to be overlooked or simply lost in the sea of ‘junk’ mail.” 

Chris goes even further in depth, sharing that they are working to ensure that everyone is aware of all the latest updates taking place in the market. “As I often mentioned, the healthcare industry is not an easy environment to be involved with, mainly because of the constant shift in legislative compliance and policies. Going forward we are working toward staying ahead of the curve with timely communications to keep our people in the know and provide peace-of-mind for those we service.”

He wraps up by telling us that accomplishing this goal will be no easy feat, but they are planning to leverage their resources as much as possible to get the job done. With their newly launched Mid-Atlantic DISH page, they are able to undertake a number of our communication efforts before the end of 2017—giving them a jump-start on the New Year. This resource will be exceptionally helpful in bridging the gap between offices. There is now a space where teams can collaborate, share ideas and resources, and celebrate each other as often as they deem necessary.

When asked about his personal perspective on the importance of communications, Chris stated, “I stand behind the Mid-Atlantic as a truly special team of dedicated and passionate colleagues. They shine the brightest during some of the most challenging times and it is evident through our client engagement, growth and overall comradery in the office.”


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