Boost Your Success With Continuous Learning

March 8, 2019 Paul Jackson

It should come as no surprise that our industry is constantly changing. As the wants and needs of both the customer and employee continue to shift, so will the demand for increased skills and adaptive knowledge. 

What does this all mean? Continuous learning is key.  Regardless of your tenure or title, taking the necessary steps to expand your skill-set and broaden your knowledge is essential to staying relevant and getting ahead in the workforce. 

A big mistake a lot of employees make is not making time for professional development. To ease the burden, here are some helpful ways you can incorporate continuous learning. 

1. Take a listen.







Nowadays, there is a podcast for just about every topic imaginable. It is as simple as popping in your earbuds during your commute, lunch or at your desk. Listening to the experts discuss the latest trends provides loads of timely insight. We have even had a few OneDigital colleagues serve as featured experts for a variety of podcasts, covering topics ranging from mergers and acquisitions best practices to covering the latest rulings with the Affordable Care Act. 

2. Read Often. 







A quick online search for the top reads related to your interest can be a great starting point. With most book-selling platforms, readers can rate the text as well as share their thoughts about the book. Seeing how others feel can help you get a sense of whether the book is a good fit for you.  And it does not necessarily have to be a book. Reading relevant blogs and articles is equally helpful and usually more convenient for a busy schedule. OneDigital’s Fresh Thinking blog is loaded with pertinent insight from our team of industry experts. 

3. Be an attendee.







Professional conferences, workshops, and seminars all present you with relevant content to stay current in the market. Attending these events give you a new perspective that allows you to bring fresh thinking ideas back to your job. They also offer an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with others who share your interest. We coordinate several interactive conferences and workshops throughout the year to engage our colleagues. We also like to lend our expertise to the general public. Coming up soon is our Virtual FutureCast. Through our new digital conference platform, we plan to explore how professionals can navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape through HR, technology and innovative benefits.

4. Learn from within.







Internal learning systems make training and development easily accessible to all employees and require little to no cost. The best part, since it is internal, the training curriculum will already be aligned and geared to your specific position. This removes the hassle of having to vet out workshops that may be related to your line of work but do not necessarily focus on your particular area of interest. Just recently, the OneDigital Training and Development team launched OLI—the OneDigital Learning Institute. With this new on-demand approach, employees can take control of their growth and nurture their career aspirations by receiving specific training and job certifications. 

Professional development is at the core of every successful company, OneDigital being no different. It is important that we equip ourselves with the necessary tools and know-how to meet the demands of the market. Ultimately, learning gives everyone an opportunity to perfect their craft, learn a new skill, and gain exposure to growth opportunities.

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