And the Award Goes To...

January 30, 2019

Each year we get to celebrate the people of OneDigital who make each day special, either to their colleagues, clients or communities. What’s more special is that these leaders were nominated by you, their peers, who see their hard work and effort day-in and day-out.

As you could imagine, with so many incredible nominees it was not easy choosing winners. It ultimately came down to what their supportive peers, had to say. We caught up with our winners to get their response to receiving their award.


Innovation Excellence Winner - Samantha Lee


Samantha is someone who comes up with amazing idea after amazing idea. She is well-known for brainstorming new initiatives and figuring out how to provide even better service to our clients.  "I really have a passion for finding solutions for our clients and helping them learn something new that can help them be even better."




Hero Award Winner - Cheryl Blake


When she’s not taking care of her customers with excellence, she’s active in her community changing the lives of so many deserving individuals. She and her husband, Chad, launched their own non-profit called the Experiences Foundation a few years ago. "Why not help someone? I want to teach everyone that giving back and helping others is such an important thing in life. I love to help as many people as possible, both locally and nationally. I like to challenge everyone to ask themselves, 'Who are you going to help today?'"


Client Whisperer Winner - Mat Bazzichi


Mat has the natural ability to provide a top-notch client experience, even in the toughest of situations. He is someone who sees a client’s needs and is prepared with solutions in his tool-belt. "I'm very happy and grateful to have received this recognition. I work very hard to provide only the best quality service to all of my clients."




Top Boss Winner - Kammy Boyd


Heading up a team can be a thankless job at times. But Kammy is an extraordinary boss that has the unique ability to offer vision, inspiration and leadership that sets the tone for her entire team.  "I consider what I do every day to be a beautiful opportunity and is very rewarding. I love working with each and every person on my team. I am humbled and so appreciative to be in my position."




Spirit Award Winner - Kendall Wilson


Kendall embodies company culture and lives and breathes OneDigital’s values on a daily basis. In any interaction with Kendall—whether in person or over the phone—her kind, friendly and supportive nature is sure to leave a lasting impression. " I feel incredibly lucky to work at OneDigital where I feel appreciated and considered. I am able to do what I do because I want to create an environment where my clients and team feel like they can achieve their best work." 



Rookie of the Year Winner - Katherine Briguglio


Sure, Katherine was hired within the last year, but she is quickly making her mark. She quickly went from supporting other Account Managers to getting her own book of business and has been thriving ever since. " This is such an honor. I'm so proud to be a part of OneDigital. I love that I get to touch the lives of so many people, clients and colleagues, in my role as an account manager." 



President’s Award Winner – Tina Sparrow


2018 was truly a standout year for Tina. Her tenacity coupled with her relentless spirit presented her with a year filled with outstanding success and new breakthroughs. "I am pleased and I am honored. I love what I do, I love people I work with. And I love our organization and the impact I get to make."



Again, congratulations to all of our winners and nominees. Here at OneDigital, we are truly grateful for all the work our colleagues put in. It does not go unnoticed and is appreciated by everyone. 

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