Family, Community & Wellness in Miami

November 6, 2017

Mike Smith, and his team in Miami, really wanted to focus on getting out of the office and building a stronger bond with each other. The first thought that came to mind is how they could incorporate their team, their families, and their community all wrapped around a theme of wellness. They looked up local walkathons and found three that supported great causes: Breast Cancer Awareness, Alzheimer’s and Serum and Glucocorticoid Inducible Protein Kinase (SGK).

Many clients and employees were already heavily invested in Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) and so it was decided that they would join their local walkathon in the fall. The team was eager to raise money while also bringing more attention to the number of those affected in the community.

Miami enjoyed their time together and showed up with a tent, some food, and positive attitudes. Kids played together, co-workers got to know each other out of the office, and awareness and fundraising was done on the behalf of those affected. Juliette Reiss, Business Development Associate, sums up her experience well with “as small as we are, the teamwork has been really great and everyone pitched in to make a big effort in the community. Good will brings out good people, and the need to do good is what really drives our team.”

The event was a hit! There were 10,000 participants and 1.6 million dollars was raised by the end of the event. Miami now has the walkathon “bug” and is looking to participate in more events like that throughout the year. In fact Mike Smith, Principal for the Miami location, says they will “do this every year—it was a perfect event for fall and to focus on what’s important”.

Additionally, their team has also worked to raise funds for hurricane relief in the Florida Keys after Hurricane Irma and has donated rice and beans to displaced famers and their families in South Miami.

View their photo album from the walkathon. 


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