Inventory on our New System, Workday

August 6, 2018

It may still seem new to you, but members of our Finance and People & Culture Departments have been dedicating much of their time over the last several months to our new Workday system that will house everything from HR and payroll to performance and professional development. It has taken a lot of work and training to not only learn about Workday, but to master it as an administrator. We’ve been fortunate to launch different features in tiers rather than all at once. With all the elements at play, it’s hard to keep track of what we have now and what is still on the horizon. In chronological order, here is what is available and what’s to come later this year.

Performance & Goal Setting

When it came time for performance reviews and our annual goal setting process, we thought it best to introduce you to Workday. As with any new system, it came along with a few bumps and glitches, but we’ve only been able to improve since then. Speaking of which – have you looked back on your goals since you set them? Make sure you take the time to review before the big Q4 hits! You can update your goals or completion percentages at any time.


An exciting addition to the way we recognize OneDigital employees was launched just last month – the Feedback feature. Give feedback, get feedback, make it public or make it anonymous – this is a great way to acknowledge your other OneDigital employees in a professional capacity. We all do so much around here that it’s easy to forget we can make our own impact by recognizing coworkers across the organization.

Learning Management System (LMS) – Today

Our former LMS, Greenlight, was a staple for anyone eager to learn. Whether you needed to be a master at Office programs, get tips on how to be a better communicator or develop your management skills, an endless number of courses were at your disposal. This week, we’re introducing you to the NEW and IMPROVED LMS on Workday. You can expect updated content and a refined list of courses.

Recruitment – This Fall

We’re ditching the old ways of guessing who to contact and providing a streamlined process on Workday. From requesting a new hire to the job description to interviewing candidates – everything is online and easy to use. This process will allow greater connections and communications between a hiring manager and our recruitment experts. We are excited to introduce this feature very soon.

HR, Payroll, Benefits, Expenses, Time Clock, PTO… oh my! – September

The reason we even started searching for a system like Workday was to consolidate the different ways we manage our HR, payroll and benefits for employees. We’ll soon be saying goodbye to Concur and Plansource as we launch each of these functions on Workday. We’re hoping the features listed above will give you enough practice that by the time this part is rolled out, you’ll all be super-users! You can expect lots of training surrounding this move – so be on the lookout for webinars and supporting materials that will walk you through the process.

A big shout out to the team of Finance and People & Culture who have been working extensively and tirelessly to make sure your experience with Workday is a pleasant one. And a special callout to Stephanie Alexy, Dena Hammond, Roxy Carter and Jenifer Thompson – who have been up to their ears in Workday since day one. Way to go team!

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