Smart Searching on DISH

April 2, 2018

OneDigital's intranet, DISH, has everything you could need which is incredible and overwhelming at times. With so much information in one place, it can be tough to search all of DISH and find exactly what you need. Here’s the good news: the search function isn’t just found at the top of the home page; it can be done within other pages as well. Knowing more about how to search and filter will eliminate time spent sifting through pages of content.

If you have a general idea of where to find the information you’re searching for, you can search directly from the page in mind. As an example, if you searched “Better Benefits” to find Marketing’s monthly campaign, these commonly used words can populate a ton of results. But if you know it’s coming from the Great Marketing Stuff page, you can go directly there, click on the magnifying glass (as seen below) and this will refine your search results to this section.  

If you need to continue to filter your results to find what you need, the filters on the left hand of the page can narrow your search. For those of you who are chronic online shoppers like myself, a filter can be your best friend.

For our DISH users, you can refine your results by understanding if it’s a page, if it’s a file or even when the content was created.

A major initiative for DISH administrators is to ensure that our content is relevant and current. This has sparked a year-round “spring cleaning” effort to cut down on outdated information that still exists. In the meantime, we hope these two quick tips have enabled you to search a little smarter. Happy hunting!

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