Getting Prospects to Pay Attention

January 7, 2019 Paul Jackson

Prospects are busier than ever before, and as you could imagine, capturing their attention has become even more of a task. The tricks of trade that once granted you access to the decision makers of an organization now require a wow factor to stand out among the sea of competitors.

So, how do you cut through the noise to outshine some of the more common practices like cold calling and emails? Members of the Orlando office decided to take an innovative approach to engage with prospects.

Getting their attention

We spoke with Rob Peery, Senior Business Development Executives out the Orlando office, on how he and his colleagues came up with the idea to give away free airbrushed t-shirts at the HR Florida Conference and Expo, one of the largest conferences of its kind. “We started by strategizing the best approach to reach the mass of people that would be in attendance. And not only reach them, but how could we separate ourselves from all the other sponsor and vendor booths.”

The idea to do airbrushed t-shirts was thrown into the running, and at first thought, Rob admitted, “I was skeptical.  I didn’t want it to come off as a joke, or for the attendees to not take us seriously.” However, after mulling over the idea, it was agreed that it would be a really fun way to get people to visit the booth and leave them with a personalized keepsake to remember OneDigital. This was different from the usual pens and notepads that most booths were likely to have as giveaways. And, honestly, who wouldn’t want a free personalized airbrushed shirt.

And just like they had hoped, the shirts were a hit. And as word spread around conference about the shirts, the line for the booth continued to grow.

What about the business?

While attendees packed the narrow aisle that led up to the OneDigital booth, members of the team were able to connect with attendees as they waited in line for their shirts. This was the perfect opportunity to connect. The team was able to gain insight into what role the attendees occupied, learn a little about their organizational structure and discover some of the day-to-day headaches they faced.

“Having those moments were extremely instrumental because they allowed us to engage with them based on their pressure points”, says Rob. And though most of the conversations were high-level, they were able to assure attendees that relief was available. “This led to an exchange of contact information, with me walking away with plenty of strong prospects to add to my funnel.”

What happened after conference?

After conference, the Orlando team took a moment to evaluate the success of the airbrush station. Without a doubt, it was a success in terms of getting the attention of the attendees. As for the return on investment, it was an absolute win. Rob shared that he secured several promising round-one meetings, and built great connections with dozen of prospective clients.

When it comes to events like conferences and expos, it’s important to remember that there will be dozens of others vying for the same attention. When planning for such an occasion, strategize based on what will allow you to have the biggest impact. Then, think of ways you can make that impact personal to the prospect. And to finish it off, make it enjoyable, for you and for them.

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