Meet OneDigital's New Training Team

January 5, 2018

OneDigital is growing at a rapid pace – have you heard that enough in 2017? There has been no shortage of areas that are improving or expanding, which leads to one division that impacts us all – Training! As we continue to mold and define the structure of our organization, we have established an official Training department under the leadership of Meagan Karry, VP of Training & Development.

Through this new area of focus, Meagan has welcomed two new employees to her team, Matt Shirley and Heather Garcia. “We want to understand the full scope of our training offered nationwide and how we can apply structure and consistency across the board,” says Matt. “From new hire onboarding and development to technical systems and client solutions, it’s important to create better processes and more cohesion within the organization.”

Training Today

Heather Garcia tells us that her role right now “is all about agency onboarding. Partnering with new offices is essential to our company growth, so getting those colleagues up to speed and trained quickly on all things OneDigital is crucial to our success.” Heather is ready to assist those who have recently joined and could benefit from additional training. This will also allow the department to understand the needs of each agency and fine tune the onboarding process.  

While the Training Department remains in their “discovery phase” to understand all existing training touchpoints, their goal is to be strategic about OneDigital’s programs and how to turn any challenges and gaps into opportunities. They have also placed a high importance on communications to ensure employees are well aware of what’s currently available and what’s to come.

Training Tomorrow

Their initial focus will be on strategic areas of the business to support current initiatives. Agency onboarding, general new hire onboarding, and sales and client services are some of the key areas on their plate. OneDigital’s intranet, DISH, will be leveraged to streamline communications and incorporate more tools and resources that will aid offices in additional training.

In the long term, they are anxious to build out a more comprehensive online training and development library. Understanding the needs of each division, department and role will take some time, but they are looking forward to building those relationships in order to maintain a successful Training department.  


Matt Shirley has focused his career on employee development and led training groups and initiatives for several large companies prior to joining OneDigital.  As our new Director of Training and Development, he’s already provided thought leadership around cultural fit in a recent article.



Heather Garcia is a familiar name to many, since she worked with the Select team for over 12 years, and we are so excited she has returned to OneDigital with relentless enthusiasm as our new Corporate Trainer. “I used to know a lot about a little of OneDigital; now I’m learning (and sharing) a lot about a lot! It’s a true privilege!”



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