From the Department of People and Culture – Meet Your PAC

June 4, 2019

New people, New Structure, New Way to Serve You Better 

With over 80 offices across the country, a regionalized approach is proving to be the most fitting strategy for our continuous growth. The company framework has evolved into a true regional format and many of our corporate teams have put new structures in place to better support this model.  

The People and Culture team decided it was time to evolve as well. And they are excited to share their new structure! To learn more about this approach, we caught up with our EVP of Culture and Corporate Development to explain the new process a little further.

How will the new structure work?

E: Within our group, specialized teams have been organized to focus on supporting the HR, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition needs of each region/corporate department.  As we’ve grown as a company, it’s more difficult to be proactive and get to know the individuals in each area. We want to make sure we are acting as a strategic partner for the leaders of the organization and providing the best service to each employee.

So, what do we call these teams?

E: These specially organized teams are called PACs, short for People and Culture, and are tied to specific regions.  

How will regions know which PAC they belong to?

E: All OneDigital leaders have received an email communication from me with regional specifics that will introduce your points of contact. That introduction will give you clearer insight as to which personnel will handle certain requests. It also gives you some helpful background on each of your PAC members—experience in their field, educational background and their overall philosophy as it relates to helping you. Here is the breakout.

Independent Region (Offices lead by Pete Gruenburg)
Enterprise/Select/Shared Services (lead by Julie Cape)
Mid-Atlantic (Offices lead by Chris Schutt)
Northeast (Offices lead by Brian Driscoll)

Corporate (all corporate support departments)
Mid-West (Offices lead by Kristine Meuse)
Pacific (Offices lead by Jeff Fallick)
Southeast (Offices lead by Wally Dawson)
West (Offices lead by Chris Thurin)

When can regions begin reaching out to their PAC?

E: As you are reading this, your PAC is fully prepared to begin assisting with your HR, Talent Management and Talent Acquisition needs and answering any questions you may have.

What are the benefits of this new structure as opposed to what we were doing before?

E:  Often we hear, “I don’t know who to go to for ….” and now you will! Not only that, but our growth could potentially lead us to think of people as numbers—we don’t want to do that.  With this new structure, our team will have greater ability to get to know employees within their region(s), which is important for our culture. In addition, by establishing a designated support team, the PACs will be able to learn the region’s people-related priorities, challenges, and opportunities, and provide a true strategic partnership. 

At the end of the day, we are one organization, without a doubt. But let’s face it, each office brings something unique to the table. For that exact reason, this means there may come a time or two when each office may have specific needs or requests. And we want to be sure we can support and address those specific needs as they come about.

To learn more about the people in your PAC, visit

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