Four Ways to Make Our Website Work For You

June 5, 2017

Our website is the central, market-facing hub for the OneDigital brand, bringing to life the hard work of our employee ben­­­­­efits experts through a vibrant and authentic online experience. From our visual identity represented by our own people, expert employee benefits content and thought leadership, our website is a great way for clients and prospects to experience our new generation story. This vital resource is literally at your fingertips! Here are four ways to utilize the website today:



Our Fresh Thinking blog is designed with business owners in mind. The content is focused on the Five Things—Better Benefits, Lower Costs, Healthy People, Help Navigating Health Care Reform, and No Headaches. Several times a week, the marketing team updates the blog with relevant and compelling content. Are you an advisor getting questions about HSA best practices? Search HSA in the drop down menu on the website and you’ll see a number of pieces written by our people. The blog can be accessed, shared and presented at any time just by bringing up the link. It’s a great way to build your leadership brand with your clients and an effective way to differentiate ourselves with our fresh-thinking resources. And bonus—for those of you heating up your presence on LinkedIn—each article has an easy share button you can use post to your own network!



Over and over again, it is proven that it’s our people that make the difference in this competitive health and benefits landscape. We can have all the shiny objects in the board room, but at the end of the day, it’s that human connection and authentic interaction that wins us cases. Bring this warmth and energy straight to your clients and prospects by sharing our OneDigital value driver videos. Remind your client at renewal time that your team is delivering relentless benefits on their behalf. Get the feeling that your prospect needs a partner who embraces unique challenges and innovation? Our videos show that our brand is fresh-thinking and out-of-the-box.



It’s no secret that having the home team advantage – getting a client or prospect to experience our thought leadership in person – is the key to making them stick. What better way to get them through the doors than to attend an upcoming seminar or event? The OneDigital website shares information and registration capabilities for every upcoming event across the country. Take a moment to browse the list and see if there’s an event in your area. Send your client or prospect the link in an email, share it on LinkedIn or better yet, register them yourself!



Are you delicately crafting your personal brand, and want to make sure your clients and prospects keep up with all that you have to offer? Finding yourself answering the same questions to clients about self-funding over and over? Turn those emails and conversations into a blog post, and the marketing team will create a personal profile page on the OneDigital website. It will feature your professional headshot, contact information (including your LinkedIn profile), bio, and any recent thought leadership piece(s) you’ve written. The ace in the hole is something called “Quick Links.” These are direct links that appear on your profile, and they can be anything – blog posts you’ve written, events at which you’re presenting, a video in which you’re featured, a downloadable whitepaper – anything!


All of the possibilities above are available to each OneDigital team member—so start accessing them today to win new business! What are you waiting for? 

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