Our Heroes in the Tech World

June 5, 2017

They answer our Tech Support tickets. They update our equipment. They protect us against the scary computer viruses we may know nothing about. If you’re in Atlanta – you’ve probably stopped them in their tracks for last minute assistance (without properly putting in a ticket). They are the unsung superheroes of our day-to-day needs and long-term strategies to build a better tomorrow. There are 13 people making up the Technology Department at OneDigital, a handful of whom answer an average of almost 800 tickets each month.

With company growth comes growing pains, but this team has not only consistently delivered – they have even improved upon the time it takes to get a problem resolved. Greg Blair, our new CIO, has been blown away by the way this team has met challenges and exceed expectations.

“Our support team does a phenomenal job day in and day out. They are asked to pull double and sometimes triple duty between supporting our staff in the Atlanta office, answering help desk tickets, and preparing equipment for all our new office acquisitions. They have worked very hard to make this a great experience for all of our users, and going forward we will continue to look for ways to streamline these processes and provide high-end services for everyone.”

Our hard-working Tech guys (George Range, Thomas Mullen, Ricky DeLuco and all other IT staff) have improved the time it takes from creating a ticket to its completion. Back in January 2016, the average time it took to have our tickets completed was close to five days. They hit a record time this past April by narrowing it down to less than one day!

This graph shows the dedication to reducing your wait time in the last 12 months.

Sometimes, it can seem like forever when waiting for our tech problems to be solved. Remember that this team does so much in order to keep our systems and programs running smoothly. From anyone with a computer at OneDigital (that’s everyone!), we thank you, Technology, for answering our calls, updating our equipment and thinking about how we truly remain a “digital” company. 

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