What Work Life Balance Means at OneDigital

August 26, 2019 Elizabeth Chrane

At OneDigital, the term “work/life balance” goes beyond the meaning of an equal balance between the hours our employees spend at work and personal activities. Life is much more fluid than that kind of 50/50 split. A primary focus at the company is to let our employees find their own balance that ensures a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Life Happens

In a life that never stops celebrating the happy moments, mourning unfortunate events, and throwing curve balls at every corner, it’s important to remain flexible as an employer. Appointments, mental health days, celebrations, children’s recreational games and recitals – these are just a few examples as to why it’s critical to allow employees the personal time they need. Words like “flexible hours” and “take it as you need it PTO” are consistently stated from our employees as a big perk at OneDigital. The trust reciprocated between employer and employee contributes to the overall success we’ve had since we opened our doors in 2000.

An Office at Home

Whether our employees work from home once a week or every day, this flexibility in location produces a happier work environment for our team. A recent study shows that “employees who work from home at least once a month are 24% more likely to feel happy and productive at work.” With a few million remote workers in our country – and increasing every year – it’s essential that we provide and promote work-from-home opportunities to retain our top talent.

A Better Life at Work

Creating an inclusive and relaxing atmosphere at the office is just as important as giving employees the flexibility of time and location to complete their work. We support total wellbeing, team building, and professional development throughout the organization. The programs and resource groups we have in place are designed to provide a high level of success to our employees in work – and in life.

Employee-run committees and the OneDigital leadership team continually look at ways to give everyone the opportunity to define balance for themselves. As a result, we have learned that paying closer attention to the needs of our employees is just as important as identifying the needs of our customers.  And, because we prioritize work/life balance, we create a healthier and more productive atmosphere that helps prevent workplace burnout. Whether it be through regularly updated leave policies or revisiting work procedures, we are striving to be an organization that is mindful of what makes our employees happy to be a part of the OneDigital family.

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