Keeping Up With Reviews

June 25, 2018

Reviews are standard in business when it comes to getting good and honest feedback from a manager. Unfortunately, the disconnect between employees and managers can be quite large if not for reviews. OneDigital promotes frequent feedback and regular check-ins from weekly updates to quarterly reviews to minimize this gap. Here are some tips on how to acknowledge and utilize reviews to foster success.

They’re All About Goals

The performance review system is designed to facilitate conversations between employees and managers. At OneDigital, we nurture an environment that embraces meaningful and frequent dialog between employees and managers while also providing the right support to accomplish personal and professional goals. Instead of thinking about reviews as something that holds employees accountable, focus on how reviews can help in the future.

Small Reviews Are Important Too

Ongoing feedback can keep you on track with goals and can ensure that the team as a whole is on the right track. A quick check-in every week or month can keep the ball rolling. Some managers at OneDigital have a copy of their team’s annual goals as a reminder during their regular check-ins to make sure priorities are still on point. These frequent sessions can also give peace of mind and cultivate a sense of camaraderie.

Check In With Yourself

Reviews are often done by managers, but it is even more important to review yourself. It’s a good idea to sit down and evaluate what you set earlier in the year to make sure you’re on the right track to reach your goals. If you find yourself straying away from what’s important, it is better to correct the habit earlier rather than later. Scheduling time to make sure your work aligns with reviews will help propel you in the direction you want.

Rearranging Goals Is Okay

Reviews are just a preview of what’s to come, but nobody can predict the future. Once a review is given or received, there may be things you need to add or rearrange. Goals can change based on unforeseen opportunities and set-backs. Be willing to change your goals when necessary to reflect current priorities.

Bottom line – check in! Don’t let that list of goals collect dust until the next review process. Frequent evaluations will allow you and your team to succeed and prevent repeat goals for the following year.

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