Balancing Personal and Social Life

February 7, 2018

Last month, we focused a lot on ourselves with #personal goals and New Year’s Resolutions (p.s. I hope you’re still going strong with yours). You may find it easy to isolate yourself in order to avoid situations that can distract you from your goals. But now, it’s time to master the art of focusing on your relationships while keeping your resolutions on track. This February is Relationship Month, and here are a few of my personal tips and tricks to balance personal goals with friends and family.

Create New Activities

You can meet up with friends and family to look up hiking trails for exercise and relaxation or invite them along while you try a new restaurant in your area. Even if you’re excited about a new show, turn it into a party with other fans. There are so many potential things to try that it will be easy to avoid going against your goals.

Do Everyday Things With a Buddy

With busy schedules, sometimes the only way to see others is bringing them along for mundane activities. For example, I personally do not enjoy the grocery store but I have gone a couple of times with the company of a friend. Now, my least-favorite chore turned into an opportunity to catch up with a friend and also keeps me away from the candy aisle.

Go Bun-less

You decided to give up bread, and someone wants to go grab a burger. What do you do? You could go the other direction with this and order a salad or compromise by ordering a burger with no bun. Remember, you can almost always substitute or eliminate ingredients from most menu items, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Avoid Bar Specific Places

When you’ve given up alcohol (or made it a point to consume less), it is tough to go to a bar with all your buddies. Instead, suggest a place that has an activity with an option of alcohol for others. Bowling, karaoke, and wine and paint (sans-wine) are all great options. That way, you can spend time with your favorite people without feeling left out.

There are many other ways to spend time with people and get those relationships back on track this month, but these are my favorites. Don’t be discouraged by your new resolutions and goals- just compromise. When you present others with new activities and substitutes, you may find that your friends and family will enjoy them too.

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