OneDigital CEO Spotlight

June 25, 2018

Adam Bruckman, President & CEO of OneDigital Health and Benefits, is exemplary in what you want in a CEO. As OneDigital nears 1,300 employees and is recognized as the largest benefits brokerage in the market, outsiders assume that leadership of a company this size begins to lose sight of the passion, dedication, excitement, and strength that motivated the once ten employee start-up. You will not find any falter in leadership at the rapidly growing OneDigital. In the eyes of employees, Adam defines and maintains the culture and values of the company. By setting these through his own behavior in the workplace, he helps cultivate an ecosystem of overall workplace satisfaction. By empowering his employees through example, pursuing the vision of OneDigital and remaining accessible to all, Adam is an easy CEO to get behind.


Adam gains the support of employees and colleagues by instilling confidence that he will lead the team to success, even if that means making challenging or distressing moves. He refuses to shy away from conflict in the pursuit of business goals. In fact, he addresses the importance of growth in the uncomfortable.

When the company as a whole tackles such large goals, Adam is quick to receive praises from the outside market, but is also eager to divert the spotlight to his employees. He continuously drives home the idea that OneDigital is a team and that we all reap the benefits of our success. Rene’e Danna, Senior Benefits Consultant, notes that “Adam’s fresh thinking and personal touches provide all the employees the healthy and invested mindset to move forward daily. When my husband was battling cancer, Adam personally reached out to me to make sure that I had all the tools I needed to stay focused on the care of my late husband, and he always reiterated that my work family would be there to support me on my journey. I’ve now been employed with this great company for over eight years and hope that this will be the final employer I have into retirement.


Adam also believes in the purpose of OneDigital and the vision of what we can become in the marketplace. The belief in his purpose and vision trickles down throughout our organization stemming from the top. Creating a team that believes in strategic movement and overall vision is what drives any company, and especially through a CEO who is exemplary in these aspects. In the words of Ken Goings, Support Center Manager, “Adam brings value to our organization’s leadership, vision and purpose. His vision for our company’s future is clear and constant. I believe his true passion is in his belief in our ability to meet this vision. He has built trust between CEO and employee force that we need to move the needle forward.” We are willing and trusting in Adam no matter how tough things get because of the sheer determination of perpetually moving forward.


When you become an employee at OneDigital, you will come into contact with Adam through monthly messages, genuine emails, and will most likely shake his hand during your tenure. Christina Carlile, M&A Sales Coordinator and a fairly new hire, identifies what it feels like to be led by someone who believes in our culture and that “from the first day I walked into the building, I felt at home. Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, including Adam. I introduced myself to Adam one time and since then, he comes up to me, calling me by name, just to say hello and make sure that everything is going well in my new role.” Christina’s experience demonstrates that though the company has grown exponentially in the last few years, Adam remains as accessible, thoughtful, and personal in his leadership.

Adam’s praises continue to be heard through the hallways and across the country. In fact, his approval rating is reflected through our Glassdoor site at an impressive 97%, 30% above the world average. Having a CEO that is relentless and approachable at the same time is difficult to have. Everyone at this growing company looks forward to where his leadership will take us into the future.

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