Honor Earth Day | We need you for a better tomorrow!

April 21, 2020 Elizabeth Chrane

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! The recognition and celebration of the day in 2020, however, will not see large crowds of volunteers to improve Mother Earth. As we tackle the day solo or with our quarantine partners, here are some fun ideas I collected from various sources. Take a look and take a moment to give some TLC to our planet on Wednesday or this weekend.

Dig in the Dirt
Making a garden bed and planting something yummy for the season will allow you to soon enjoy fruits, vegetables or herbs – garden to table. Having fresh flowers around can be beneficial in more ways than one, but some are more inclined to benefit the ecology around them from feeding and housing insects to improving air quality. These include sunflowers, lilies, dahlias (my personal favorite), jasmine, daffodils and coneflowers.

lemon%20cleanser.jpgWhen life gives you lemons… make disinfectants
Whether it might be because your store is out of stock, or because you enjoy natural solutions, you can skip the harsh chemical sprays in favor of safer alternatives. Plus, they’re probably already in your   pantry. White vinegar is a power cleaner, easily cutting through grease and removing mildew, odors, stains and wax buildup. For surfaces that need to be cleaned — but not sterile — lemons can also be used to clean non-porous surfaces. For extra points, reuse existing spray bottles in your home instead of buying new ones! 

Get Some Fresh Air
Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to stay indoors all day. If the weather allows, take 20 minutes to get outdoors and take a walk around the block, explore new trails or go for a bike ride. Many of these spaces allow you to connect with others from a safe distance. Spending time in nature, especially among trees, significantly reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood, energy, sleep and boosts the immune system.

The Name of the Game
Sometimes, you find a way to turn everything into a game. And there are resources for that! Earth Day Bingo can be a competition or a group activity. Avoiding unfortunate weather and need an indoor activity? Play these online games to educate yourself and your family on climate change and ways it’s affected.

Tried and True
When all else fails, we take a cue from our Icelandic friends and actually hug a tree. If you truly feel at one with nature, don’t be shy in showing some love.

Peace, love and happy Earth Day!

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