Contributing to the Five Pillars of Wellbeing

September 20, 2018

There is more to personal wellbeing than simply being in good physical health—a common misconception amongst the masses. In fact, there are actually five pillars that make up one’s overall wellbeing. OneDigital believes that it is the combination of physical, emotional, financial, career and community wellbeing that allows us to live a better, more functional life. Learn more about each area and how OneDigital offers solutions to encourage that balance.

Physical wellbeing is about having good health and the ability to complete your day-to-day activities. Simple lifestyle choices like regular exercise, nutrition, and getting enough sleep can contribute to the management and prevention of diseases and the ability to heal the body naturally. At OneDigital, our benefits not only gives you access to health coaches and discounted gym memberships, it also provides cash-back, wellness programs  for preventive care and screenings to help keep your body running like a well-oiled machine.  

Emotional or social wellbeing is about having strong relationships. It has been shown that spending a significant time of your day connecting with friends and family can strengthen your relationships and connections. Focusing on yourself allows you to know and understand your feelings and emotions as well as the circumstances that trigger you to feel a certain way. Many at OneDigital use the “take it as you need it” PTO hours to focus on fostering those relationships. Emotional well-being looks different for everyone, but often includes, social support, religious or spiritual beliefs, self-reflection, mindfulness exercises, activities to help relax, and getting help from a professional.

Financial wellbeing is about effectively managing your economic life and feeling secure enough to cover your basic standard of living needs. Experts recommend spending money on experiences, memories and those close to you rather than material items. Poor financial wellbeing is a significant cause of stress, so if finances are not your forte, sitting down with financial professionals who can advise on short-term and long-term plans would be beneficial. With myStrength, a complimentary wellness service offered through OneDigital’s Aetna health plan, our employees have a financial coach right at their fingertips. 

The next type of wellbeing speaks to what you choose to do with your life on a daily basis. A career should play to your strengths, foster an environment that allows you to work well with others, and have a leader that motivates you to share your passions. Feeling connected to the mission and purpose and knowing that your work adds value are key components of achieving a sense of purpose. Sometimes, your job allows other avenues to find meaning in your life, such as earning money to travel, a work environment that promotes the importance of family, a mentorship opportunity, or getting involved in volunteer opportunities. At OneDigital, we promote a culture of continuing conversations to ensure that every employee knows the value they bring to the overall organization. 

Community wellbeing revolves around the pride you take in your neighborhood. It is important that you feel safe and secure in your community. Participating in local outreach events (like the Digital Dash 5K), doubling charitable donations through our matching gifts program or teaming up with our local children’s hospitals are just a few ways OneDigital provides opportunities to connect its employees with their community. Experts say that volunteering, getting involved with specialized groups, or simply helping out a neighbor can contribute to your overall sense of community wellbeing.

According to Gallup, 66% of people do well in at least one area, while only 7% are thriving in all five areas. Managing all five elements at once can seem a bit unnerving at first. For the best results, it is recommended that you start with a self-evaluation—figuring out which pillar you feel needs the most attention. Then, make small changes until you feel comfortable moving to the next pillar. Just remember that this journey does not happen overnight – so take your time to discover new ways of achieving total wellbeing. 

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