5 Easy Ways to Participate in Earth Day

April 20, 2018

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22nd. This year, the Earth Day Network is focusing on ending plastic pollution. I know what you’re thinking, what can one person do to make an impact? If enough singular people change their habits even for a day, it makes a huge difference on nature. Enjoy your weekend and participate in Earth Day by using one of the suggestions below or creating your own!

Get Out There!

Take a walk or hike. You can even simply sit outside and enjoy the nature around you. If it is still freezing where you are - run down to the mailbox and back. Either way, get outside even if it is for a short bit of time.

Share Your Space

Consider making your balcony or yard a special place for birds or other creatures. Invest in a bird feeder and you may have some new fluttery friends soon.

Plant Something Green

If you have a backyard plant some veggies or clean up your flower beds with new installments. If you don’t have an outside space, plant an indoor plant. Many indoor plants can help purify the air that surrounds you and can prevent you from getting sick. Don’t forget about the aesthetic appeal.

Switch Your Bills to E-Bills

We have everything else available at our fingertips, why not have our bills paperless too? This will cut down on waste and prevent the potential of misplacing important bills.

Stop Drinking Bottled Water

Support Earth Day Network’s main initiative this year by investing in re-usable cups instead of using plastic or Styrofoam. Make it #personal by choosing your favorite color and design or by customizing a water bottle online.

Don’t just limit the festivities of Earth Day to one day. These practices help preserve our lives here on earth and make us feel good by making a small but meaningful impact.  Enjoy the weekend, OneDigital Family!

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