Father's Day Gifts for 5 Types of Dads

June 12, 2018

Did you accidentally drop the ball and forget Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 17th, or just have absolutely no idea what to get for your spouse, dad, brother, or other father figure in your life? I went digging around and found some last minute gift ideas for 5 different kinds of dads that can get to you in just a couple of days!


For the man that is hands on and takes pride in creating something awesome, get your dad a cool craft beer kit. There are tons of option online and quite a few on Amazon to choose from. Not only will they learn and appreciate the process, they will also be able to impress friends while kicking back with a cold one. 

Techy Dad

Is your dad nerdy and cool like mine and likes to have the best technology? Look no further than Virtual Reality Goggles for an alternate universe and hours of fun. They range from expensive to affordable depending on how your wallet looks.

Smarter Living Dad

They see the commercials but wonder if it is too much trouble and frustration to dip a toe into a smart house, but you can help! The Echo Dot is an inexpensive way to get them started- you can even help with the set up.

Competitive Dad

If you dad is looking for a way to engage in some healthy competition while getting out some energy, set him up with Spikeball. It’s a backyard hit for almost any age. What better way for him to enjoy winning this summer?

Coffee Loving Dad

Like craft beer, craft coffee has become something to try. The Chemex Glass Coffee Maker is a simple way to up your coffee game from a simple Mr.Coffee brewer. Devotees swear this is the way to get the extra boost you need. Don’t forget those filters!

These are a just a few ideas for different dads. Whether you thought “this is perfect!” or got inspiration for a different gift, I hope you have the perfect gift planned.

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