Give me something good to eat...

October 18, 2016

The Halloween sugar-overload is thrilling for kids, not so much for parents. But, no one wants to be that neighbor handing out toothbrushes come Halloween night.

Here are a few alternatives that should keep the smiles on everyone’s faces:

  • Glow sticks, necklaces, and wands are not only inexpensive when ordered in bulk, but they’ll help make all those ghosts and goblins running around visible in the dark. Double win.
  • Running around in a costume is sweaty work and munching lots of chocolate always give you a dry mouth. Mini bottles of water are always appreciated—extra points if they’re cold.
  • A piece of candy is gone in a few bites, but art supplies can be used over and over. Look for mini crayon packs or Play-Doh or festively-themed stickers and coloring books.
  • School-aged kids are always running out of pencils. Handing out themed ones is a fun way to keep the festive spirit going after Halloween ends.
  • Bubbles provide plenty of entertainment sans sugar.

Try something a little different for your trick or treaters this year and have a happy Halloween!

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