Survival Guide to Holiday Festivities

November 29, 2017

It is the final countdown till the end of 2017! During this time you will be invited to Holiday Parties, White Elephant Gift Exchanges, and family feasts filled with laughter, ugly sweaters, and most importantly, food. I don’t know about you, but when my grandmother offers pie for the third time in a row, it becomes nearly impossible to refuse. If you stick with the refusal, it’s pretty difficult to say “no” to our own rumbling stomachs. How do we survive the plethora of food and drink set before us at any social gathering this month? I can offer some very helpful, and very realistic, ways to enjoy the frivolities of the holidays while also maintaining your health.

Smaller Portions

When grandma offers pie, take it, but have a smaller piece. Enjoy all the flavors in each bite and you may find yourself more satisfied than you thought. In a new book, Why You Eat What You Eat, we learn that our “sensory specific satiety” allows us to make the most of the first bite of food with all the flavors and aroma. Before our stomachs are telling us to stop, we still endure mental cravings.

Eat Slowly

Your stomach does not digest food as quickly as you think it does. Take your time, enjoy the conversations around you a bit more, and your eyes will rarely be larger than your stomach.


Stand up and move around the room, especially after a meal. Utilize this opportunity to visit with family and friends or meet someone new. Food will digest faster while you’re enjoying the company around you.

Get your Zzz’s

This month can bring late nights and early morning with all the celebrations. When sleep deprived, your body craves high-fat and high-sugar foods found in sweets and breads. Be sure to get your full 8 hours of sleep to enjoy a more balanced diet.

Remember to be mindful of health while enjoying a December full of good company and festivities. ‘Tis the season!

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