Stress Management Month

April 25, 2017

We all know less stress makes for a happier, healthier life, but leading an entirely stress-free life just isn’t possible. In honor of Stress Management Month, here are a few ways to manage (and hopefully decrease!) some of those ever-present concerns:

  • Block out a “thinking time” in your day. Power off electronics and find a comfortable place to sit. While giving your eyes a break, ponder any decisions or challenges you face. The relaxed atmosphere should help you better process information and spur your creativity.
  • Have you heard about bullet journaling? When you make a normal list, the lines of “to do” can make a simple task look cumbersome. In bullet journaling, there are three categories of entries: tasks, events, and notes. Each has a special bullet header so you can keep descriptions concise, making your tasks look less intimidating.
  • Did you know it’s impossible to be stressed while laughing? Scientists have found that the hormones produced by stress cannot coexist with those produced by laughter. Next time you feel a wave of stress approaching, ask someone to tell you a good joke. Better yet, schedule a regular outing with a friend or family member who makes you laugh.
  • Find something you love and the time to do it. Playing a sport, practicing another hobby, or reading a book may take time out of your schedule, but your improved mood will make you far more effective when you get back to work.
  • Maybe you’ve heard about those adult coloring books already? The rhythmic repetition of filling in the complex designs helps you sit still and focus on one thing for a few minutes, resetting your brain.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list – if nothing here appeals to you, consider looking for more ideas. Test one technique a week until you find what works for you. Stress relief should be fun; it’s a chance to help yourself feel better by doing something you love.  

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