Intranet Updates Based on Your Feedback

September 29, 2017

DISH has been our “go to” insider resource for six years now.  In that time, we continued to change, update and improve the system to better suit your needs. Our most recent efforts are geared toward improving navigation and tackling the “I can’t find anything on DISH” statement that we hear all the time. Over 400 of you took an online test this summer to help us understand your thought process of where things SHOULD live. Here are some of the changes that have and will take place as a result.

Department Pages

A lot of you were looking for answers to your IT questions under their department page. Communications and IT are teaming up to make this useful to our users and provide easier navigation. You can expect to see this in the coming weeks.

Training is offered in a bunch of different places. After your feedback of wanting everything under one roof, we’ve already blended Training and Development together so it’s updated and better categorized.

42% of you went looking for Compliance webinars in Departments instead of the Resources tab where it previously resided. So we moved it under Departments where you told us it should live.

About Digital

Everyone seemed to be a bit confused about the term “Social Hub.” Our blogs, internal publications, photos, videos, etc. will now be called Communications & Culture.

Corporate Holidays: While many of you found the right answer, we plan to add our corporate holidays to our corporate calendar. Seems logical, right?

Our Locations page featuring a directory of our offices will move out from under the Resources tab and be placed under About Digital.

New Features (Now and Later)

For our new employees, navigating DISH along with all the information they’ve been flooded with in their first 30 days can be a challenge. This week, you’ll see a new button on the home page for new employees. This “I’m New FAQ” hosts a range of topics on where to find what they might need. We’ll continue to add and edit over time to make this as useful as possible.

Across the country, our geographic expansion grows each day. A more streamlined and user-friendly Locations Page is on the horizon. You’ll be able to search within the locations page, find addresses easier, understand office leaders and contacts and more – stay tuned!


We never get tired of hearing your suggestions on how to create a better user experience on DISH. Please help us understand your team’s needs to make DISH your greatest internal resource. You can email to submit any thoughts/ideas. We look forward to hearing from you!

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