Compliance Roadshow Update

August 7, 2017

With much excitement, we kicked off our 2017 Compliance Roadshow in February. Since then, we have taken the show to Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, Missouri and California. Our future stops include our offices in North Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Pennsylvania. The Compliance Roadshow has been an excellent catalyst to engage our target audience of clients and prospects while showcasing the expertise OneDigital brings to the table. We have taken this opportunity to discuss topics ranging from common compliance pitfalls to the big question on everyone’s mind this year – what will happen with the ACA?

Our seminar attendees have walked away with a better understanding of their compliance obligations, and in many cases, learned something new that enabled them to fix existing issues they didn’t even know they had. Even internally, we have watched our consultants’ and producers’ eyes light up and frantically scribble notes during the seminar as they gain a more detailed understanding of nuances that will help them better serve and advise their clients.

The feedback has been overwhelming positive with the general sentiment being that the events are “very well received and much appreciated.” Many of our offices are looking forward to hosting another compliance seminar in the near future. For OneDigital offices, the Compliance Roadshow has helped solidify existing client relationships and strengthen prospect opportunities.

We embarked on the Compliance Roadshow this year with the goal of boasting sales and retention, while keeping attendees informed in the ever-changing world of employee benefits, as we tracked and reported on all things “repeal and replace.” With the Senate’s recent failure to pass a healthcare bill, it seems that the future of the ACA is a little more certain…for now. While repeal of the ACA may no longer be in the cards, we continue to monitor state and federal regulatory initiatives and changes that may impact ACA administration.

As we move forward into the second half of the year, we remain committed to bringing our clients and prospects the latest and greatest in employee benefits compliance through our roadshow.


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