Terrific work, Kelley!

February 15, 2017


I wanted to share the note below with you from one of our clients, Cookie.  Kelley picked up this client following the departure of one of her peers.  

Cookie mentioned below that she does not embrace change well.  This very positive comment is a tremendous reflect on Kelley.  It is apparent that in about a month of working with Kelley, Cookie has developed trust and is comfortable.  Knowing Cookie, this was not easy and is a true credit to Kelley.

Working in the credit union channel, it is important to keep every group happy as they talk and share between themselves more than any other industry.  This positive change to our relationship is just AWESOME!  I truly appreciate Kelley’s efforts and trust she will keep up the great work!

A WOW to Kelley!



Dear Dale:

I just wanted to let you know that Kelley Newman has been super to work with the past few weeks.

As I am getting older, change is getting tougher, and I was never like that.

To be perfectly honest with you Dale, her service has been better than I had before.

Thanks for always helping me out my friend,


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Repeat recognition for Susan!

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