Double Recognition for Wendy!

February 28, 2018

Wendy did amazing for me! I was dialed in during the first meeting in case something group-specific popped up that I could answer and her presentation was great!  A group sent me an email afterwards saying she did an excellent job at the meetings as well. (see below)

I wanted to give her props for stepping in to help me out to get all these meetings done and doing a great job with it – I couldn’t have done it without her (truly, 15 divisions all over the country would have been impossible for me to do by myself!).

-Faith Hites

I would really like to say Wendy did an excellent job today during our meeting. Employees were really appreciative of having a rep from our Broker here to make things run smoothly.

Thank you, Wendy.


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Jessica McGinnis is Awesome!

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#Trustworthy, Trisha Stockridge
#Trustworthy, Trisha Stockridge