Congratulations, OneDigital Chicago!

February 11, 2019

Congratulations, OneDigital Chicago! This past January, Gary Kosnoff, Principal, and Megan Murphy, Client Service Specialist, received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Vendor of the Year from their client. The award celebrates OneDigital helping their client "achieve cost effective health care needs."   

Having been working with this group for only 18 months, the Chicago team was able to save the client well over $50k in health insurance premiums.  Because of those savings, the client was able to purchase employer paid life insurance, a benefit they weren't able to offer before.  On top of that, the Chicago office has served as a great resource in regards to ACA guidance.

"The work ethic of our team is unmatchable," says Gary. "We are relentless and dedicated to being the best-trusted partner we can be with all of our clients.  It is a pleasure and privilege to know that an organization has confidence, appreciation, and trust for what we provide."

Congratulations, Chicago! 


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