Awesome, Jessica Knight!

March 24, 2016 Kelli Dobrin

From: Jamaal
Sent: Monday, February 01, 2016 2:16 PM
To: Service
Cc: Jessica Knight
Subject: Customer Service Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Attn: Holly Forest


Hello Holly Forest,

This all began a couple of weeks ago when I called in to check on the status of my insurance application. You see, my company submitted my application 1 month prior to my call and we had no response to date. When I called in, I spoke with Jessica and voiced my concerns of the delay and having to pay for coverage that I was unable to use. She exuded sincere empathy regarding my concern and explained the process that the file would be back dated. Due to her demeanor, I was not happy with the process but I was pleased with the way that she cared enough to explain the process and that I could tell she cared. She looked into the file and saw that it had been submitted and she called to figure out what was happening with the file and she stated that she would call me back with an update.  Now here is where customer service exceeded my expectations. She actually called back when she said she would. She updated me and gave me a time when the application would be approved. Here is where it gets wild. The application was not approved by the time she was told it would be and SHE actually called to let me know that it had not been processed as expected and the reason it was not process but she would stay on top of it. OMG isn’t that amazing. Doing what she said she would do and following up without being prompted. She called me and gave me a reference number regarding the contact she had with the insurance carrier. She gave me an open invitation to call her if I had questions or concerns such that I would feel taken care of and not bounced from person to person.  Very refreshing that she took ownership of my file til resolution. Then when it finally was approved, I got an amazing voicemail full of cheer exclaiming that my insurance application had been processed. She seemed more elated than me. She supplied me with my Temp Member ID# and would soon forward my temp card until the others were mailed.

This is an example of exemplary customer service that leaves me feeling cared for and appreciated as a customer. Although the length of time to get the application process was longer than expected, having the opportunity to interact with such a kind soul made it all worth it.  OUTSTANDING!!! Now Holly, at review time, do not hesitate to give her the maximum raise amount to show her that you value her and the level of service that she offers. Jessica Knights are like finding a needle in a haystack.

Have an amazing day and Jessica, keep up the amazing work and continue to put smiles on client faces. Your spirit makes a difference in the world.


Restoration Company

Kennesaw, GA

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