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3 It's a critical time in our industry with rising healthcare costs, the uncertainty in D.C. and the daily flux we witness in regards to regulation. This just happens to be the time we're at our best. Inside, you'll find a feature on our newest partner, DeepViewRx, that will benefit our large clients on controlling their pharmacy spend. Emil Kraft leads the charge, and I hope you all learn a little more about our newest, unique partner. Another key differentiator for our company has been and will always be compliance. Since 2005, Annette Bechtold, our SVP of Regulatory Affairs and Reform Initiatives, has been an advocate for our clients — keeping them compliant while educating our team. You'll learn more about the history of this department and how it was shaped throughout the changes of healthcare. As for our internal leadership, we have a lot of exciting programs geared toward performance management and development. Inside, we'll highlight a few of our employees who are excellent examples of how our LEAD program can impact your career. Leadership has never been more important. When I take a step back, I'm proud of the work we're doing in all these areas and how it tells our story. We wouldn't be where we are today without the great leadership qualities I see across our business. Remember to lead by example when talking to your clients, prospects and team. It takes a village to make OneDigital successful, and I'm counting on each of you to lead the charge. P R E S I D E N T ' S Perspective Leading By Example A lot of the time, we find ourselves talking about the pride we feel in being leaders, both in the industry and within our own company. But, OneDigital is more than just talk — we put substantial actions behind our words. We're in the midst of supporting our clients in new ways, continuing to deliver on our value drivers, and developing our employees through strategic internal programs. View this month's message from Adam at

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