The Importance of Women in the Workplace

March 30, 2017

Women have been an important part of the American workplace for a long time. Especially following World War II, when more than 7 million women became a major part of the economy by filling industry and public service jobs vacated by servicemen. Women have made major contributions to all professional fields. There are currently 72 million women in the workforce, compared to 30 million in 1970 – a big change, right?

Why is it so important that female voices are heard at all levels of an organization? The straight fact is that diversity of thought simply leads to higher operating results. Gender diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform the national industry median (McKinsey&Company). At OneDigital, we couldn’t agree more, which is why women make up more than 68% of our company.

Multiple studies have shown that women and men approach problems differently. In short, women are holistic problem solvers, meaning that they are more inclined to solicit and integrate team contributions and make decisions after all ideas have been heard, reflected, and tested (Fischer). This thinking process is not only more efficient, but also leads to better executed decisions.

Decision making isn’t the only area where women shine – building strategic connections is another strong suit. A Gallup survey found that women are far more effective at engaging and developing people. This skill presents itself especially in building that all-important work environment. “I’m so proud that OneDigital has worked to build a culture where women can thrive,” says Elizabeth Chrane, EVP of Culture & Corporate Development. “Our flexible work environment removes many of the typical barriers that impact our choices at work and at home. It’s one of many factors that has helped these talented individuals on their career path.”

Women are more likely to build collaborative environments that have strong links between different departments or offices, allowing the organization to function more cohesively. The benefits don’t stop there, however; the ability to build these connections also extends to strong interpersonal relationships (Zenger Folkman).

At OneDigital, we’re thrilled to report that 86% of our promotions since January of last year have been women who continue to climb the corporate ladder. We thank them for their commitment and dedication and celebrate them for their acumen and expertise that make the entire OneDigital team stronger.


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