I Drank the Kool-Aid!

September 11, 2017

I grew up in this industry. As a high-school student, I worked in my mother’s office scrubbing applications and showing my smiling face at Open Enrollments. I quickly learned that benefits can be a boring topic, and I decided then and there I would change that. My greatest fear is unfulfilled potential, and as I saw a broken system continue to crack under the pressures of a changing industry, my mission was born.

During college, I educated myself on the psychological perspectives behind health and wellness and spent a lot of time researching behavior change within health-focused initiatives. While doing this, I obtained a license and birthed a full-time career in benefits. I worked in a small boutique office in Greater Nashville, and I loved my career. What I found after refining my abilities in this setting, was that I wanted more. OneDigital became my more!


While finding a place to spread my wings, I had lots of well-known successors requesting my employment. As I sat in my initial interview with OneDigital, I recognized their “it” factor had everything a growing professional could want. They had relentless ability to thrive in an industry that frankly is feared by consumers in this day in time. I saw a company that had

massive growth and still wanted more. Recognizing that there is always room for change and improvement, even when you are at the top, is a driving factor within our success. OneDigital employees are just different. We all have “it” and it’s recognized as soon as you say hello to any one of us.


As a Benefit Consultant for OneDigital, I see a huge difference in what I am equipped with in order to succeed. Those outside our company have a difficult time wrapping their head around the amount of business we manage. Large blocks tend to be treated as a “box to check off” or just another number, but not our blocks.  We have the ability to maintain the personal feel of a small brokerage while having access to the value-adds for large employers. The shared services I utilize as a consultant allow me to focus on peace of mind for my client. 


Gaining a client’s trust happens after the first problem arises. The way you handle this problem is the test. If you pass it, you’ve won. OneDigital allows me to win at a faster pace and a higher success rate. Our model is impeccable, and it is why I’m able to service clients on a level above the industry standard. Our clients have the best opportunities in technologies, HR assistance, exclusive products and compliance. In a time where benefits are a concerning financial piece for any employer, I feel confident in my abilities to advise them because of these tools and my team.

If you have ever been told “I wish I could have a hundred you’s by an employer or client, OneDigital should be your home. The teams behind each consultant literally allow you to reach more lives than ever thought possible! I drank the kool-aid, and I am home. My fear of unfulfilled potential can rest at ease, because I know OneDigital will always give me the tools to push further, want more, and continue to grow in my profession and in my personal abilities.


-Whitney McDannald, Benefits Consultant

*Also OneDigital’s 2017 Rookie of the Year


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