An Intern's Perspective: It's More Than Fetching Coffee

September 29, 2017

It can be a bit scary stepping out of the lecture halls and into corporate offices. After all, you’re no longer working with textbook examples and hypotheticals. You’re getting fist-hand exposure to the inner-workings of a thriving, fully functioning company—YIKES!

Fortunately for us (summer interns), there’s a huge sigh of relief that comes with working under the guidance of so many well-experienced individuals and being able to actually sit down with the leaders of the company to take in their words of wisdom.

For example, at the end of our tenure as interns, Adam Bruckman and CFO, Chuck Ristau, took the team of us out for lunch. While sitting at the table, the conversation about the beginning of OneDigital and its future came up. As I listened to Adam speak, what became unmistakably clear is the how OneDigital got its title as an industry disruptor.

Fresh Thinking: By staying fluid and flexible to new ideas and thought paradigms, OneDigital is able to maintain an invigorating network of opinion formers –bringing customer solutions to life through innovation and fresh thinking is what gives OneDigital the advantage over its competition.

Growing the Business: There are boundless possibilities when it comes to growing a business. And over the last few years, OneDigital has grown exponentially and continues to expand. According to Adam, OneDigital will take the next five years to focus on opportunities and talent that make the most sense for growth and that will support the company in reaching its target. 

Corporate Culture: Corporate Culture is often implied and developed over time from the cumulative traits of the people the company hires. OneDigital takes on a new approach to culture by keeping it at the forefront of its mindfulness. The company’s culture is carefully curated with one unique idea in mind; every employee matters. OneDigital engages with its team through payday breakfasts and appreciation events as well as local and national employee recognition to craft an award-winning culture.

Whether you are an intern who gets to pull back the curtain to get a glimpse of the day-to-day happenings, or you are a veteran excited about the future of this company, one thing is certain, the strategies of Fresh Thinking, Growing the Business and Corporate Culture all remain a key part of OneDigital’s success. By implementing ideas, such as the ones mentioned above, OneDigital continues to thrive under a sole set of values that truly lends a hand in making us all ONE team.   


Written by Andrus Washington

Former OneDigital Intern - now OneDigital National Implementation Specialist

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