September - Be Optimistic

September 3, 2019

Hi Team!

I’ve just spent the week in San Diego with 40 of our senior leaders from OneDigital offices around the country and the energy has been incredible. As I shared with all of them, it’s hard to believe that we founded this business almost 20 years ago as my passion and excitement for our work together has never been stronger. We spent the week talking about our business, our culture, our clients and the incredible opportunity we see in front of us as we continue to position OneDigital as a leader in our industry. The overwhelming feeling from our entire leadership team is OPTIMISTIC!

Now, at the risk of getting a pie thrown in my face (as I did for our corporate fundraiser last week) let me also say that I do realize we are working so incredibly hard every day to fight for our clients. As with all companies, there are challenges too, but I’m feeling very optimistic about how we are approaching this work together and finding new ways to deliver a superior experience to our clients.

As we approach  4th quarter, our most hectic time of year, I’d like to encourage you to BE Optimistic and know that you’re surrounded by a talented and dedicated team that has your back at all times. As I was reminded by so many of our leaders this week, our work is not always easy but it is so gratifying when you’re doing it with such a passionate group of people that care about each other and embrace our journey together. So, that is why I’m so Optimistic about our future and our position as leaders in this industry.

Over the course of the next few months, I’ll be taking time to visit many offices around the country as we work on our plans and strategies for 2020 and beyond. I look forward to visiting with many of you as we celebrate our accomplishments and prepare for the exciting road ahead. I hope you all share my optimism for our business and our journey together. Please join me and BE Optimistic about our future and your role in our continued success.

 As always, thank you for all you do!

- Adam


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